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5 Things About Kidzania Delhi That Makes it a Must Visit Place With Kids!

It’s just a month that the schools have reopened and your kids are already missing summer holidays? Or are you visiting Delhi with kids soon? Then Kidzania Delhi is a must visit theme park which is located in Entertainment City near The Great India Place Mall, Noida.

We are giving you all the right reasons that will motivate you to do so:

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#1. It’s Different!

Taking cues from the Javed Jaffery’s advertisement of a popular ketchup brand, we can literally scream our hearts out that, “Yes, it’s Different!

Kidzania Delhi is drastically different from regular play zones in high-end malls. There are no games, slides or regular swings here but a gamut of activities that engage children in a playful manner and yet makes them learn many things.  Plus it caters to kids of all ages. Kids from 2.5 years to teenagers, all can be a part of this theme park and enjoy to the core. So whether you have a crying toddler or a fussy teenager both will be interested in visiting this theme park.

#2. A Mini City Inside:

Kidzania is not just another indoor theme park but it has a mini kid’s city planned inside. It is spread in a vast area so be prepared to leave with aching legs but happy kids at the end. There is a mock hospital, a fire fighting station, a bank, a petrol filling station, a bank, police station, beauty parlor, restaurants and more. It is a pure experiential place for kids where they get a glimpse of the real world. 

#3. Exciting Activities:

The activities inside Kidzania are organized according to different age groups. So small children can enjoy their level of activities like painting the wall, shopping at a mock retail store, taking care of infant baby dolls and more. While the older lot get to be a part of tougher activities and have hands on experience of being a doctor, firefighter, radio jockey, banker, retailer, police and much more.

#4. Pocket-friendly Tickets:

The tickets start at Rs. 600 onwards for a five-hour slot wherein one kid gets admission.  There are time slots fixed according to the type of ticket. Kidzania has been designed for a fun-filled day full of exciting stuff for kids. Its entry has an airplane design which compels children to stop for photographs.  Along with the ticket, kids get a watch which has to be scanned for every activity and also some Kidzoos – which is Kidzania Delhi’s money format. 

#5. Tonnes of Learning at Kidzania Delhi:

Inside Kidzania, children get to explore about different professions, which is helpful in giving them clarity. Having stepped in the shoes of a doctor, nurse, a fire fighter, a banker, children learn to respect all professions. It breathes positivity and kindness towards people from all walks of life. 

Been to Kidzania Delhi before, share your experience with us!

P.S.: Parents don’t be jealous of your kid as they would have lots to do at Kidzania while you wouldn’t have any.

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  1. Hitasha says:

    Its quite interesting to know the variety kids get here like painting the walls and take care of dolls..I will surely spread a word!!

  2. So good to see that kids of present generation have so many opportunities. It will only lead to creating better citizens. I will recommend this to my friends who have kids.

  3. Great blog, kidzania is a great place for kids. Thanks for spreading the word.

  4. I have not been here but heard good things about this place and the prices are quite reasonable too .

  5. IT looks like a place to visit with tiny tots

  6. Looks like so much fun for the kids, Judy! Will visit there with my niece when we go to Delhi this year! 🙂

  7. Amita says:

    My daughter and her friends loved the place when we visited in summer vacation. So planning to go again.

  8. yes I totally agree.. its worth it.. though I haven’t been to this Noida one.. but I have been to the one in Mumbai and was really impressed with the concept

    1. Same here really good place for kids as compared to lame play stations in malls.

  9. I loved the way you have explained the entire concept of Kidzania. I am sure you all had a great fun.

    1. Yup its a great place to visit with children. How old are your kids?

  10. I heard a lot about kidzania. One of my friend has visited here recently. She also suggested me to go there with kids. Its totally a fun loving and fully entertained place.kids will have a new experience about different fun loving activities. Thanks for reviewing this place

    1. Kids will love this place. Do visit

  11. That’s interesting! Something to keep the kids engaged and help them do productive things! Cool that seems 🙂

    1. Yes it is! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  12. I loved the review – thank you for sharing it as I had been contemplating going there with my twins. But I loved the point where you say parents should not be jealous hahahah

    1. You should definitely take your kids there.

  13. the hospital one is so cute indeed the kids learn more through play and this will be there most memorable learning ..will visit kidzania delhi this time when i visit home

  14. Mrinal says:

    Haven’t been there but heard a lot.. your post has tempted me to visit it

  15. It’s such a cool place for kids ! I wish these places were there during my childhood ..I envy the new generation ?

    1. True I also the little ones.

  16. There’s a one kidzenia in Mumbai too… I haven’t been there yet…

  17. This looks like a promising place for kids. With so many activities, kids are bound to have fun. Thanks for the review.

  18. Looks real fun for kids. I too got an invitation to visit the place with my toddler but missed it since noida s quite far from my place. But seeing your pics i feel i shud have visited it instead…

  19. Papri Ganguly says:

    Ahh, look like your little one had a lot fun there. Fun place for learning new things.

    1. Yes Kidzania is a fun place for kids.

  20. This is a fun as well as informative place for kids to learn and gain knowledge.

    1. Thanks!

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