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This Restaurant in Gurgaon is the Only One in the Whole North India That Serves Brazilian Barbeque!

Brazilian barbeque is all about varied types of meats.  Wildfire Restaurant at Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon boasts of being the only restaurant in North India which serves this type of international cuisine. Brazilian Barbeque is done on a special grill which has skewers resembling a sword.  The meat to be barbequed is marinated with rock salt and some other spices after which generally a salt water baste is used to keep the vivid meats tender and juicy while cooking. Recently, Wildfire Restaurant had a new menu launch with some additions,  deletions, and improvements done in the menu at their end.


‘Wildfire’restaurant is located in one of the top hotels of Gurgaon namely ‘Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon’ hotel. Situated on the ground floor itself the restaurant is easy to locate. Talking about the location of Crowne Plaza hotel, it is situated just at a stone’s throw away distance from NH8 highway. It is almost located in the city center and has major shopping and eating hubs like  M.G. Road & Sector 29 markets in close proximity.


Wildfire is a fine dining restaurant. It has carefully laid fine-dine essentials over all the tables to match the global standards. Taking cues from its name, the restaurant flaunts big spherical balls of fire just outside its glass walls. Apart from this the tastefully selected lighting and the cutlery add to the opulent experience.

The other highlights of the restaurant’s interiors are its semi-open kitchen and a wall full of different brands of alcohol. The portable ‘churrasqueira‘ which is the Brazilian barbeque grill is kept in this open kitchen. It is fully operational and the chefs use it to prepare the barbeque starters in it. However, there is no trace of cooking odor or oil in the air.


The service at Wildfire restaurant, Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon is quite pleasing. The staff makes sure that the guests are made to feel comfortable. Service is prompt. The hot grill skewers with meat are brought on to the table for serving to give the best experience. However, the serving staff handles the hot skewers with utmost care and safety of its patrons. Chefs of the restaurant are approachable and are open to honest feedback from guests.


The highlight of this restaurant is its Brazilian barbecue cuisine which is slowly cooked on the grill. As a result of this, a few munch-ons like the bread basket and buffet salad counter is available for the guests till the time the starters are served. The salad counter has an assortment of vivid salads, fresh fruits, ham, dry fruits, and so on. Chicken-pineapple salad is a must have!

The menu has different combo options depending upon the kinds of meat the guest wants to have like three types of meat which has chicken, lamb and a fish, then five types of meat, seven types of meat and so on. Apart from this, a lot of international dishes are on the menu which can be ordered on an a la carte basis.

Mushroom Cream soup is light with subtle flavors of spices and mushroom.

Coxa De Frango which is the chicken leg marinated with special Brazillian seasoning is a must have. It is tender and juicy right till the center. Flavor of rosemary wins the palette like nobody.

Coxa De Frango

The barbequed duck is yummy with tangy and spicy flavors coming through. A duck is a little denser than chicken so here smaller pieces of duck are kept so that they are cooked well on the grill.

As contrary to meat (read goat meat) loving India, at Wildfire restaurant, keeping the guests coming all across the globe in mind, lamb is served. So if Indians find the meat a lot denser and chewy then blame it on the lamb and not on the chefs! 

Salmon is mildly seasoned but cooked to perfection. By the time one is through with the lip smacking Brazilian barbeque starters there is generally no space left for the main course. But still if one wishes to have the main course then there is a wide range of delectable pizza & pasta options.

Eat it before the dessert or treat it as a dessert but one needs to have the glazed grill fired pineapple.

Among desserts Chocolate- Vanilla Cassatta with a raspberry sorbet is a perfect way to end the Wildfire restaurant experience. The raspberry sorbet is deeply frozen form of Raspberry sorbet. The taste of this Cassatta with the sorbet cleanses rather refreshes the palate.

Chocolate Vanilla Cassatta Ice Cream

Meal for Two:

Rs. 5000 + Taxes


Wildfire restaurant is a perfect place for celebrating special moments of life with family and friends. The pricing matches to the luxury fine dining concept. Even for vegetarians, they have a lot of gourmet options. If you are divided between feasting on a brilliantly curated buffet barbeque set up and a fine dining option then fret no more and head straight to Wildfire at Crowne Plaza Gurgaon; it has the best of both!

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  1. Nice review, will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing

    1. Will look forward for your feedback in that case. 🙂

  2. This will be on my visit list when I come to Gurgaon. The ambience looks awesome and food looks mouthwatering

  3. Yeah.. actually their barbecue is a highlight.. I have been to this place and I remember trying duck for the first time and loved it.. even the grilled pineapples were fantastic.. it’s surely an experience worth indulging

    1. True I simply loved their way of Barbeque. Pineapple were fantastic better than any place I have had before.

  4. wow, nice writeup. will try this place for sure. thanks

  5. Wow, that’s quite exciting. I hope they have good options for vegans as well. Would love to check it out.

    1. To be honest for Vegan food, I am not sure of but for vegetarians they have varied pizzas, pastas and other International dishes. 🙂

  6. Great review, but it will be a constraint for me being a vegan! I guess I’ll have to pull out those glazed pineapples , soup and desserts for me. But this could be great for meat lovers to have an exclusive Brazilian taste!

    1. The glazed Pineapples are worth a steal but for Vegetarians also they have a good number of International dishes. I suggest check their menu once if planning to visit this place.

  7. Prakhar says:

    Wow…. Seems very tempting!! Will be trying it out soon.

    1. 🙂

  8. The restaurant has amazing ambience… Will try if I am in the city

    1. Yes the ambience is indeed opulent.

  9. Wow! Nice place. Gonna visit it soon!

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