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Cyber Hub 2.0: This ‘Good Times’ Destination in Gurgaon Just Got Way More Exciting!

Launched in 2013, Cyber Hub is one of the most sought after food destinations in Gurgaon.  DLF group is the company behind Cyber Hub which is situated practically touching National Highway 8. Apart from updating the Cyber Hub logo there are many other thing that are lined up for making this upscale party & food destination in Gurgaon more exciting.

On Friday, the official launch of the all new Cyber Hub 2.0 happened. The event started with a Food Maze which was curated in association with DineOut. Noted food bloggers from Gurgaon and Delhi participated in the food tasting session. Few restaurants displayed their signature dishes in this. After which the official launch commenced.

In the event , noted Bollywood singing personalities like Akhil Sachdeva, Hari & Sukhmani and The Suryansh Project gave mesmerizing performances with soulful & popular film songs.

What’s New in store with Cyber Hub 2.0

  • New Beginning, Double Fun:

 A new brand identity in terms of a snazzy logo has been put into use. The name update as ‘Cyber Hub 2.0’ is a symbol of making sure that guests visiting the place have double the fun.

  • Huber App:

A brand new artificial intelligence based application. The smartphone application will help the customers visiting her to have a guided digital display of all the brands present at Cyber Hub and the kind of experience one can look forward to. As a part of this experience the guest can avail the chat room in this application to seek help with queries regarding any particular restaurant while still at their office or home.

  • Discount Deals:

Get steal worthy deals on Food & Drinks in collaboration with DineOut.

  • New Restaurants = More Gourmet Food

Cyber Hub Gurgaon had 80 retailers until now. As a part of the change in the form of Cyber Hub 2.0, soon there will be 14 more brands of eateries will be open for the customers. People can look forward to visiting brands like iHop, Bombakery, Mamagoto, United Coffee House, Pra Pra Prank, Too Indian, Drunken Botanist, Papparoti, Potbelly and Oh So Stoned  and more. It is certainly a good news for the food lovers in Gurgaon and obviously for Cyber Hub too which has a footfall of 40,000 (approximately) each day.

  • Movie Screenings & Musical Performances:

    Movie screenings in amphitheater & performances by music bands are also among the new additions  so as to make sure the audience and guests visiting Cyber Hub 2.0 a great time.

So are you ready for this change?

22 thoughts on “Cyber Hub 2.0: This ‘Good Times’ Destination in Gurgaon Just Got Way More Exciting!

  1. That seems to be a great event where u came to know about so many new restaurants in cyber hub. I have never been there but heard a lot about cyber hub from my cousin who is working in a big company somewhere in gurgaon so she visits there many times.

  2. This is like my ideal place to get lost in and never be found ???so many places to eat under one roof!! I am definitely not coming out of this in one day!

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