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Why Bigg Boss Season 11 Inmates are Difficult to Resell Unlike the Old Devices at Our Home!


With the recent entry of Dhinchak Pooja in the house, the number of Bigg Boss Season 11 inmates has reached to 15. This year the show started off with the concept of neighbors (padosis) who were meant to trouble the main house contestants. However, the group of the padosis couldn’t manage to bajaao baarah of (troublethe rest which amounted to this divide among contestants being shed off.

But barely after a month of being locked up in the house, there are a lot of things that the Bigg Boss Season 11 inmates need to let go off. Don’t you think so? From Arshi Khan’s hot nightwear which she is generally seen wearing even in the daytime and sometimes in the whole episode to Hiten’s diplomatic way of playing the game. Ahh! let’s not forget Akash Dadlani’s bang-bang rhapsody and the lice settlement on Pooja’s head. (21 gun salutes to this lice settlement for braving her songs.)

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Suppose if all these tangible and intangible things of inmates were compared to old idle devices at our homes like mobile phones or laptops, then will these be fit for a resell? On top of that performance of people like Shaggy, Mehzebeen, Bandagi, Benafsha in the BB House can certainly be equal to the unused items in our house. 😉

With utmost sincerity, we can say that it will be a magnanimous task for us to resell any of these idly lying device like things from among the Bigg Boss Season 11 inmates. Here are the reasons why:-

  • List of Contents

    Planning – Plotting & Later No Show:


We know that the lice, sorry the ‘last’ few episodes, might be tickling through your minds but this isn’t about them. {lol} It refers to that kind of scenario when Shilpa and few others decided to execute a plan but finally Shilpa backed out. So the ‘no-show’. But this is a common scenario when one goes out to resell a not in use device, right? The seller & buyer strike a deal but finally, the buyer does a no-show act!

  •  Long Hours & the Luxury Budget Task:

Before a resell of an old gadget is executed completely there is a long wait period which ranges from one to many days or even months. This starts to become a luxury budget task in the Bigg Boss House for the seller folks like us. By this time if we wanted to sell a product like the bored regiment of lice posted on Dhinchak Pooja’s head, they would get fed up. They will surrender and be ready to change heads to the extent of a no profit scenario.

  • Negotiations while Selling & Arguments in BB House –  Endless!

The only thing that will easily resell is Arshi’s hot nightgowns. Somehow they remind us of few mobile phones that is a love for someone while a status symbol to another. (Tu pyaar hai kisi aur ka, tujhe chahta koi aur hai..) But in case people playing with not so fancy strategy or an old device, in general, to be sold from our home would call for a long negotiation cycle. Surely it will give a feel of the never-ending arguments in Bigg Boss House.

  • Undervalued:

Overvaluing a person or a gadget never amounts to any sort of discomfort but surely being undervalued is stressful! When the padosis concept was introduced at the beginning of this show three out of four neighbors looked potential to bring interesting developments in the house. However, like some of those high priced and apparently stuffed with great features laptop when their performance time came, they just fizzed off.

A classic case of banking on over-valued assets. We are talking about Shaggy, Luv & Mehzabeen. Well, one doesn’t feel much when selling such kind of assets.

Though it pinches hard when we have a gadget that performed beyond expectation still resold at an undervalued price (like Sapna & Jyoti read the most undervalued contestants in Bigg Boss House). Especially when better half says, dekha maine kaha tha na ki better price mil sakta hai.. 


Thankfully we have websites like Cashify where it is super easy to resell old, pre-loved devices like laptops, mobile phones, gaming consoles & more. They make sure that amateur sellers like us get a hassle-free instant quote for our device & free pickup from home. The best part is we can sell a mobile phone through Cashify as quick as 60 Seconds! Talking about Bigg Boss Season 11 inmates one still needs to wait & watch which inmate becomes aawam’s favorite and who gets added in their resell list!

Use coupon code CLEANCASH and get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your gadgets.

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  1. Alexx says:

    Hehe interesting post to read, I kinda don’t like big boss because of so much melodrama. But love your view, they should all be sold if possible through this Cashify website.

  2. Really creative post! I follow big boss will check out this website for buying and selling as well.

  3. Very interesting post. Amazing website to resell old devices. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Big Boss…need to wait and watch for new entries and unexpected twists….I love the way you linked Cahify website for reselling

  5. Awesome analogy and love your knowledge about Big Boss.

  6. Interesting and gripping write up! You made me too interested in the show & the reselling website at the same time.

  7. Haha.. that was a perfect comparison.. loved the way you wrote this.. cashify is indeed a saviour

  8. I am watching this season of big boss from the very first day and its the best ever big boss season out of all last series. Very informative post. Like the write up. This website seems awesome.

  9. Interesting post.. It’s a great website to sell old phones there

  10. Cashify has interesting options for reselling old products.

  11. Nisha Malik says:

    Omg loved your big boss bits. ? i am going to try cashify to sell my old phone. The app seems quite useful

  12. That’s such an interesting way to speak about a reselling app.I’m going to check out cashify soon.

  13. hehe ! This is an interesting way to compare BB house with a reselling app! Loved it!

  14. Love the concept of reselling the bb11 house Indeed cashify very good platform for selling old gadgets

  15. This year I am not following big boss but got some fair idea, what is going on inside the house this season. Nice way to compare it with the relling website.

  16. I have an old mobile phone! Selling it with Cashify sounds a good deal!

  17. Anonymous says:

    That’s such an interesting way to speak about a reselling app.I’m going to check out cashify soon.

  18. erailpnrstatus says:

    hehe ! This is an interesting way to compare BB house with a reselling app! Loved it!

  19. shubham says:

    thanks for sharing

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