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10 Things You Must Learn to Get the Office Etiquette Right!

For more than a decade & a half, most of us spend our lives in achieving a decent degree good enough to gain us a high paying job. For many people getting  a job in an established company is the key to a settled life . But just out of a college or a local firm, some find it difficult to settle in a big company ecosystem.  Especially getting the office etiquette right is really important  more so when one is working with people of different nationalities.

So, the list down here is a 10-pointer guide about basic office etiquette for one to work upon, unless you want to see disapproving eyes and people deserting you.

#1. Morning Greetings Are Important:

As you step in an established company setup, passing on morning greetings to seniors and other colleagues become a great formal and informal way of starting your day. A simple hand shake with a pleasing smile and saying the two words ‘Good Morning’ is all it takes to spread positivity around. 

#2. Phone Related Office Etiquette :

Most companies usually do not promote making personal calls from landline phones or company issued mobile phones. So one should actually refrain and be cautious  about this. A food for thought about this matter is that most companies record landline conversations or have trackers in mobile! So even if you are indulging in a private conversation then it is not ‘private’ per say.

Another thing that one needs to be careful about while taking up any sort of private or work related calls is to leave the table and move a little away and converse if possible. Talking while sharing a work space can be disturbing for others!

#3. Focus on Your Work Don’t ‘Peep’:

Confidentiality is a  crucial matter that is dealt with utter seriousness. So it is a good practice to focus on your own work and not peep into the desktop or laptop of your neighbors. 🙂

#4. Set the Time Straight

In most companies today, there is some kind of punching system courtesy which all employees tend to adhere the entry time. People are looked down upon if they tend to take a lot of unplanned leaves or come late to work using loopholes in the policies. Apart from this one should also take hold of  the office leaving time as well. Repeatedly leaving office beyond the work hours may be construed as personal inefficiency.

#5. Organize Your Work-space Sans Those Coffee Cups

We understand that tea/coffee keeps one going but it is essential to trash the cups (in case of disposable ones) or clean and keep in case they are non-disposable. Adding to it keeping the work place neat and organized is essential. Lest you want to experience a coffee run down on that important presentation or file you have been working for days!

#6. Ask Before Accessing Laptops or Data of Any Sort Belonging to Others

A must to be practiced office etiquette. No matter how cool the vibes of an office be, before accessing anybody else’s laptop or data, permission should be asked from the owner. This tip helps hugely as office environment is actually a very competitive space plus helps in preventing confidential data leak. 

#7. Eating On The Table

Unless you want to welcome rats, ants and more such crawly creatures avoid eating on your work space. Some seniors might be doing it for a quick bite or so but not all habits of them are needed to be followed by you.

#8. Dressing Appropriately:

Companies where there are no uniforms dressing needs to be selected carefully. Especially for females, the dress should suit the formal setup and shouldn’t be revealing beyond the mark of decency. Apart from this personal hygiene and properly ironed clothes etc. should be taken care of. Further coming to work after drinking or drugs is totally unacceptable. 

#9. Office Etiquette – Behavior like taking a Nap, Burping, and more:

Agreed that one may feel a bit of sleepy after a heavy lunch or so but taking a nap inside office isn’t a good practice. Many times people resort to meeting rooms for napping purpose but thanks to the CCTV surveillance inside the office can get you caught red handed and bring you under the scanner of bosses. Similarly while at the work area, behavior like burping loudly, combing hairs etc. are considered faux pas.

#10. More in Cafeteria than on the Desk:

Cafeteria and other recreational areas are meant for indulging at break time like lunch, or tea. Spending more time there during the work hours straight away amounts to unprofessional behavior. The next worst only to be indulging in office gossiping sessions.

Did these tips work for you, do write to us?

29 thoughts on “10 Things You Must Learn to Get the Office Etiquette Right!

  1. Very useful tips for grooming ourself according to the office atmosphere. We should learn these office etiquettes to please our colleagues and boss. Very informative post thanks for sharing.

  2. Small things count when it comes to etiquettes and that too ‘office’ etiquette!
    Simple and essential post!

  3. Loved reading this post. I feel that burping and nap at workplace somehow creates the environment of laziness. One of my boss, used to do this and I don’t know why I always wondered ( disliked too) she sleeping in office. Although I always understood and could see that she was genuinely tired

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