Celebrating the Art Expressions of Handloom with Banarasi Super Net Saree!

Beautiful history & trend like Banarasi Super Net Saree is bound to repeat itself..

If saree is the soul of Indian ethnic fashion then handloom is like the ‘karma’ that defines its mere existence. Even after the onset of power looms, weaves done on handloom have a special place in every Indian woman’s closet. It may be in the form of a priceless wedding memory or a legacy that changed hands generation after generation. It might also be an indulging gift to self or the expression of  love from someone special. Whatever’s the case be but sarees woven on handloom are close to heart and forever cherished. The same kind of fondness is also felt when one talks about a Banarasi Saree.  The super net Banarasi saree is one of the most splendid yet comfortable form of art that Indian handloom weavers have produced.

The centuries old city of Kashi or Banaras or Benaras or Varanasi, as it is called in the present day, once had a number of artisans weaving their expressions of life and beauty in the form of a Banarasi Saree. It was then a family profession but with the increase in demand, competitive pricing & lucrative career opportunities slowly the weavers gave up on handloom. Today, there are only a few handloom artisans which are working independently or have been roped in by brands. 

However, if one turns the pages of history & ancient books like Jataka Puran, the importnace of Banarasi cotton & silk fabric can be noted.  It is believed that Banarasi weaves gained popularity during Gautam Buddha’s era and further flourished with the Mughal rule.

Traditional floral motifs weaved or block printed on the Banarasi Super Net Saree.
Traditional  floral motifs block printed on the Banarasi super net saree.

Generally , ‘Banarasi Saree’ is construed to be a silk saree with elaborate design. This variety of silk saree is the one that is fit to be adorned on occasions like wedding & other important family festivities. Under this variety of Banarasi sarees there is Katan silk sarees with Jamdhani work, Tussar silk sarees, brocaded Crepe silk, Organza silk & Georgette silk sarees with elaborate borders. However, the other variety in Banarasi Saree is that of Super Net.

The Banarasi Super Net Saree is an epitome of comfort!
An epitome of comfort – Banarasi super net saree!

The word ‘super’ indicates the closeness of the warp and weft threads to form a fine lattice network. This is also the reason why the Banarasi super net saree offers innumerable design incorporation possibilities with artistic motifs and classic embroidery. The ‘pallu‘ is the prime place to flaunt in any saree and so motifs like floral or traditional motifs like paisely, leaves, birds is done on it. A Banarasi super net saree may have these designs either woven in self-design or block printed to produce beautiful six-yard wear.

The artistic weaving in a Banarasi super net saree is further aided with the use of vibrant neon & pastel colors. These colors in a super net Banarasi saree along with creative borders makes it drop dead attractive.
The artistic weaving in a Banarasi super net saree is further aided with the use of vibrant neon & pastel colors. These colors in a super net Banarasi saree along with creative borders makes it drop dead attractive.

Today many designers are using this Banarasi fabric not only to make sarees but apparel like skirts, dresses and more. As a matter of fact, the ministry of Textiles (under the leadership of cabinet minister & actress Smriti Irani’s #Iwearhandloom campaign), renowned designers & online Indian clothing websites have been instrumental in bringing back almost lost-in-time motifs and locally known folklore. This is how the charming art expression of Banarasi super net saree and silk saree continues…

Saree by Unnati Silks

Venue partner: Radhika Haveli, Mandawa

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  1. I had no clue Banarasi comes in net too. This looks light and breezy

  2. Ruchi Verma says:

    Saree looks so elegant and you too stunning

  3. Unnati silks are awesome and u have clicked some amazing pictures

  4. Papri says:

    You look so stunning in that blue Saree. And quality of the saree seems awesome

  5. The saree looks amazing and loved the way it matched with the intricate work at the artwork on background. Handloom sarees are must for any wardrobe.

  6. preety85 says:

    Being a true saree lover I really love this post… Loved your pics too.

  7. My mom has a huge collection of supernet saris. I love how elegant they look. Indeed our artisans deserve all the encouragement for continuing their creative work.

  8. Wow! Never knew so much about benarasi saris! Thanks for the sharing about it.. and loved your saree ❤

  9. Omg what a beautiful saree . I really love to wear saree. I need this. Stunning look and beautiful pictures.

  10. Very nice saree with a beautiful look and design along with a vibrant colour

  11. You looking superb . My mom is a huge fan of supernet sarees.. awesome click

  12. You look so gorgeous in this Saree… And really love your post…. Have a nice day

  13. You looking amazing in saree and lovely pictures !

  14. Banarasi Super Net saree is something new I have heard. It must be very beautiful and attractive as traditional Banarasi Saree. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Cinndy Logan Hughman says:

    Wow, impressed about this Banarasi net saree! with no doubt, women will look so gorgeous if they wear this saree.

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