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This Valentine’s Day Plan a Relaxing Holiday Just for You Two!

So Valentine’s Day has finally arrived and you are still wondering what to give as a gift to your spouse? We totally acknowledge and understand that you are at a little tricky spot, as today being the d-day and you are still empty-handed. Well, then why not plan a relaxing holiday for just two of you in an exotic, picture-perfect destination! 

This will not only bail you out of an upcoming showdown but it will strengthen the bond between the two of you. Wedding is one of the happiest moments of one’s life but living it on a daily basis isn’t really a cake walk. A lot of dynamism in respect to understanding, loving, effort, caring, sharing, and financials go behind a successful marriage. In return, it leaves you exhausted but contended and very much in love.

Valentine’s Day is a nothing big but a small chance of taking some time out and expressing your love. So what better than escaping to an exotic location with your partner and spend some quality time while relaxing your tired selves.

At Ayana Resort, Bali

At Ayana Resort, Bali

Bali an island province in Indonesia is one such destination where sun, sea and sand have a great chemistry. The beautiful landscapes, serene beaches & new cities and places to explore will surely act to reenergize. Plus just the two of you in this beautiful island will help rekindle love. You could indulge in sightseeing, try Indonesian cuisine and maybe take some time off and simply enjoy the hotel. Since Indonesia is famous for its Balinese spa treatments, you could also indulge in individual or couple spa treatments.

Since centuries Spa treatments have been acknowledged as one of the best ways to relax your muscles, recharge and detox your body. Today, a lot of high-end hotels and resorts offer varied spa treatments for couples and one of them is AYANA Resort and Spa, Bali. Here are some of the best Balinese spa treatment/experience you can indulge in:

Spa On The Rocks: 

Surrounded by the sea, each spa villa in Ayana Resort, Bali has been ingeniously designed to blend with the environment, highlighted in Indonesian ‘merbau’ wood, traditional Balinese sirap roofs. The interiors are enhanced by the natural contours of the rocks on which they sit. All the treatments under ‘Spa on the rocks’ such as Dazzling Pearl, Jade Sensation and Lava Me Tender are Balinese massage using oils bound with elements such as Pearl, Diamond, Jade and Silk. The treatment includes foot soak followed by a body scrub and massage using these precious elements.

Lave Me Tender & Jade Sensation Spa Therapy at Ayana Resort bali

Lave Me Tender & Jade Sensation Spa Therapy

The most romantic and revitalizing treatment under this category of spa treatments is Diamond Miracle, a therapeutic foot soak, Coral Algalea Body scrub, sensual ocean splash rose bath with petals from 500 red roses, a Balinese massage using oils bound with elements of silk and pearl, and a La Mer facial using a precious formula of sea quartz and pure diamond dust. Post the treatment one can indulge in a feast of strawberries and chilled champagne.                                            

Thalasso Therapy:

Thalasso therapy is a popular and an age-old beauty secret which uses the powerful anti-oxidant quality of seaweed and seawater. At AYANA Resort, Bali, ‘Aquatonic Pool and Marine healing rituals’ are a must try experiences under this category.

Marine Healing Ritual at Ayana Resort bali

Marine Healing Ritual: It is a one-of-a-kind experience to nourish skin from head-to-toe using Seaweed Body Wrap, warmed seawater streams and Hawaiian lomi lomi massage technique.

Aquatonic Pool Therapy at Ayana Resort Bali

Aquatonic Pool Therapy at Ayana Resort Bali

While the Aquatonic Pool spa therapy contains 700 million litres of water directly supplied from the underlying Indian Ocean and warmed to optimum temperatures to rebalance mineral deficiencies. Thanks to its floating effects, one is able to effortlessly exercise our way through 12 hydromassage stations containing over 60 individual therapeutic jet streams, micro-bubbles and geysers to recover injured muscles, to relieve stress and for relaxation. 

Signature Spa Treatments:

The signature spa treatments at Ayana Resort, Bali, are thoughtfully designed to promote harmony of the whole body. ‘Hot Shell Massage uses the magic of sea shells to soothe tired muscles. The high note of this experience is a unique sea-shell layout to balance the energy centers of your body and a refreshing shell facial massage. Not to be missed is AYANA’s signature Lava Stone Reflexology treatment combining techniques from China, Thailand and Europe that includes energizing leg massage and therapeutic foot reflexology with a custom set of Lava stones from the mountain. Another one-of-a-kind signature experience is Seven Chakra Dhara treatment that uses synergistic aromatherapy blends, gemstone therapy and chakra sound healing to relax your body, open your chakras and renew your spirit.


Lava Stone Reflexology & Seven Chakra Dhara Spa Therapies at Ayana Resort, Bali

Lava Stone Reflexology & Seven Chakra Dhara Spa Therapies


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27 thoughts on “This Valentine’s Day Plan a Relaxing Holiday Just for You Two!

  1. You had me at spa!! I’m such a spa freak at home and abroad so this is for me! The Thalasso therapy sounds incredible, I’ll think about it if I ever return to Bali. A very nice Valentine’s Day treat abroad!

  2. Bali sounds like a perfect Valentine’s Day getaway to me!! We’ve never been (it’s on the list), but I’d love to indulge in spa treatments all day for Valentine’s Day. The pool therapy looks especially relaxing and romantic!

  3. Vacation for just two of us is my biggest desire for Valentine’s Day but it’s not practical yet when I have a toddler at home. But I would sure love to try it in near future …

  4. This would be a dream Valentine! Spa therapies in the exotic Bali can be quite relaxing! The healing spa treatment for the body and the beautiful views for the eyes

  5. This would have been the perfect way to spend Valentines Day! Surrounded by the sea – wow couldn’t think of a better location. Love treating myself to spa treatments, will have to visit there next time we make it to Bali, the hot shell massage sounds divine!

  6. I so much wanted such a relaxing and unwinding holiday for two of us, but couldn’t give it shape right now. Would really love to get some therapies while in Bali!

  7. Perfect way of spending the Valentin’e Day. Relaxing in spa pools with therapeutic massages surrounded by nature and peace must be very romantic for both of you. I would definitely try for Diamond Miracle with a chilled champagne.

  8. Valentine’s Day for sure calls for special treatment! The location of Ayana resort is so amazing. Getting spa treatment in that kind of a place must be an unforgettable experience. Bali has so many surprises!

  9. Oh, can I visit this without a SO? ??? I would love to indulge in any of these therapies and treatments but my most favorite would need to be the Seven Chakra Dhara treatment. It would be perfect for my state of mind! Good post!

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