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Designing a Positive Micro-Universe around Your Life

Yesterday evening, as I stood on my terrace under the pollution-free sky, gazing the stars prompted a child-like enthusiasm within me. The vastness of the sky and the numerous constellations are amazing, aren’t they? This infinity of the skies reminded me of a quote by Eckhart Tolle which is as follows

“You are not ‘in’ the universe; you ‘are’ the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point.. where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle!”

Truly, it is a miracle. The feeling of being a part of the cosmos and the consciousness of individual actuality is enlightening. It is humbling at the same time. The worldly achievements and the disappointments look so trivial at this point. But life is continuous and it is not every time we can take a pause and enjoy these moments.

beginners guide to sustainable living
Beginners Guide to Sustainable Living

The idea of designing a positive micro-universe around one’s life is like the exclusive flurry cloud that Olaf has in ‘Frozen’ movie. It is a great inkling for positivity of a healthy mind & body.

So here are ways of doing so:

For the Physical Buildup of Your Micro-universe:

  • In our body, there is 70 % of water and so one needs to take water very seriously. One should consume static drinking water preferably in small sips. A step further one can store this water in a copper vessel to ionize the water for better health.
  • Further, the residual water from RO and leaking taps if any can be collected and used for sundry household purposes like watering the plants etc.
  • Efforts to reduce the overall water consumption should be made as freshwater scarcity is a reality of the world today.
  • For purified air and greener surroundings growing indoor & outdoor plants is a great approach. Trust me seeing the seeds germinating, flower buds blooming are therapeutic.
  • Newspapers post-reading shouldn’t be disposed-off just like that instead it can be re-used for many different things like gift wrapping, as a liner inside the almirah and more.
  • Electricity should be judiciously used so switching off lights, fans, and other gadgets is a good habit.
  • For commuting purpose taking up a bicycle, public transports, carpooling are excellent remedies to reduce traffic & pollution woes.
  • Usage of single-use plastics should be avoided. Plastic and glass bottles should be re-used for the same purpose or any other suitable ones.
  • For making a clean micro-universe your home should be practically junk-free. Storing any kind of junk builds negative energy inside the home.
beginners guide to sustainable living
Beginners Guide to Sustainable Living

For the Mental Buildup of Your Micro-universe:

  • Help somebody without any purpose.
  • Smile often. Sharing a smile is free of cost way of spreading positivity around you. The next best thing for the same is giving hugs.
  • Meditate & exercise.
  • Burn incense stick or arrange for an organic way of keeping your home & workspace fragrant.
  • Be genuine in your relationships.
  • Donate those extra pairs of jeans and those tops that you don’t wear anymore to the needy.
  • Find time for listening to good music & indulging in any kind of hobby.
  • Watch your thoughts and words.
  • Practice clean eating.

Lastly do not forget to watch the stars and feel humbled in this big Universe!

beginners guide to sustainable living
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  1. Sustainable living is of particular interest to me. Loved going through your article.

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  4. Watching the beautiful sky full of stars and smiling and breathing sounds amazing. I am also enjoying the nature these days.

  5. Leading a life that is balanced with nature and the entire universe must be everyone’s goal. This itself is sure to snowball into a universe of positivity.

  6. shubhada says:

    Am bookmarking this post! What a lovely and simple tips to lead a fulfilling life here…

  7. You have written my thoughts babe. I always try to do what you have suggested for sustainable living. If all of us live this way, our world will be really the amazingggg place to live in.

  8. This is such a beautiful post… Especially in this quarantine, this was much needed! Thank you so much for this!

  9. Dr Bushra says:

    By taking small steps we can actually bring positivity in our lives. This is motivating read for me.

  10. I am already leading my part towards sustainable living to save the environment and have healthy future.

  11. The current situation that the world is going through has given us ample evidence that we have abused the environment enough and sustainable living is the future.

  12. I am trying my best to incorporate sustainability into my life style and it’s great that you have not just talked about the physical level but also about the psychic level !

  13. Completely agree with the pointers that help us to make our own universe. Yes by reducing the consumption of essential items there is a feeling of content and by keeping others happy it feels like a day is completed on a high note.

  14. Very unique post Judy I have taken a note of creating a micro universe. I am glad you are churning some beautiful content.

    1. Thanks means a lot! <3

  15. The tips you’ve shared, both physical and mental, aren’t really difficult to incorporate in our daily lives. They can tremendously infuse positivity in and around us.

  16. Pinal Shah says:

    A very beautifully detailed and described post. Very informative steps and information which we can surely adapt in our daily life. Some of the Mental and Physical Building up ways i already have incorporated. Hope to do for the remaining parts also.

    1. Try doing it you are surely going to see the difference.

  17. Thanks for sharing this with me, in this time we need lot of positivity around this one definitely spread positivity

  18. I like this post so much, its like speaking my mind. I make sure I am doing little things to make a positive universe around me too. Helping someone just like that is one of my favorite things to do.

    1. Me too <3

  19. I am already moving towards living a sustainable lifestyle because it is good for our body and nature as well.

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