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11 Impactful Japanese Life Lessons Worth Teaching to Kids for Better Life Quality!

Towards the end of March 2020, when an alarming lockdown had been implemented all across the world due to COVID 19 virus pandemic, Japan was one country that was controlling the spread without a lockdown. It is one country that got highlighted on the world scene. Businesses, schools and all other verticals of life were going on as usual. Only much later, the lockdown was implemented and that too in the most affected cities. The answers to how the Japanese are able to control COVID 19 unlike other countries lies in their ways of living on a daily basis. It becomes a must to teach kids Japanese lifestyle habits for better parenting.

“In fact, the whole of Japan is a pure invention. There is no such country, there are no such people…. The Japanese people are … simply a mode of style, an exquisite fancy of art.”

Oscar Wild
 Japanese lifestyle habits for better parenting
Japanese lifestyle habits for better parenting

Here are 11 Japanese lifestyle habits for better parenting:

Wear Mask & Believe in Natural Remedies:

When moving outside most Japanese are habitual of wearing a mask to prevent spreading or collecting germs. They also strongly believe in resorting to natural remedies for ailments. Acupuncture & reflexology are quite popular in the country.

Morning Exercise:

Asa Taisou (朝体操) or the morning exercise is a part of Japanese daily life. An energizing drill as per the teacher’s instructions is carried out in all the schools and offices.

Keep the Shoes Out:

Keep the Shoes Out:  Japanese lifestyle habits for better parenting
Keep the Shoes Out: Japanese lifestyle habits for better parenting

As a habit, the Japanese remove their shoes before entering the house. It is also a practice that goes without saying when visiting other homes. This prevents the outside germs to enter a home and keep it a safe haven.

Washroom Etiquettes:

The techno-savvy WCs in Japan are a little confusing for users. However, maintaining its cleanliness is worth learning. In public and privates spaces one would find squeaky clean washrooms and especially the WCs.

Bath is an Important Ritual:

Japanese consider bathing as an important activity of their daily lives. They bathe before bedtime for relaxing and for better sleep quality. Onsen, a community hot water bathing is also a popular practice. In many areas across the country, there are public and private Onsen places. It typically is a 40-degree hot water bath that is aimed for relaxation and invigorating positive energy.

Garbage Disposal:

Garbage Disposal:   Japanese lifestyle habits for better parenting
Garbage Disposal: Japanese lifestyle habits for better parenting

In Japan, for the first time, visitors disposing of garbage correctly is a tricky affair. This is because in this country there are 4 or 5 types of garbage cans. The developed western countries, on the other hand, have only three categories for the waste segregation. In fact, in every prefecture region, there are a different set of rules for garbage disposal. Generally, the waste needs to be classified as combustible, non-combustible, Plastic items & PET. So at the grass-root level, only the garbage is classified and packed accordingly for further process.

Dressing Well at all times: Japanese lifestyle habits for better parenting
Dressing Well at all times: Japanese lifestyle habits for better parenting

Dressing Up Well:

No matter what, the locals here like to dress up even while going to a supermarket for buying groceries. It is unlikely to see Japanese in their Pjs or home shorts at the store. Even ladies dress smartly at all times whether in traditional Kimono or skirts. Also, the natives here like to smell good always.

Using Public Transport:

Japan is a country with high population density. As a matter of fact, the main cities are stuffed with people. This is why robust public transport systems are in place. Most people prefer to travel this way rather than driving their own vehicles. Though there are a lot of people every time at the public transport platforms Japanese strictly adhere to the rules of the place. Whether Inside the train or while waiting at the platform, the local people do not take calls on the phone rather they prefer texting.

Instant Reflection:

Personal or professional whenever Japanese take up a task in hand, they pursue it with utter sincerity and dedication. Money does not matter for them. They are brought up with virtues to be artful and best at any given task. Post the work no matter if it was a success or a failure, the Japanese do an instant reflection about how it could have been done in a better way to improve the next time.

Learn Punctuality:

Japanese are extremely punctual people. Normally, as practice, these people arrive 5 minutes before the appointment of any kind. So that the work is started at the scheduled time. Talking about schedules, these people also have a detailed time table set for their daily lives.

Never Litter:

Japanese follow this to the extent that they keep a bag for collecting the rappers etc. In case they don’t find the garbage can after returning home the locals throw it appropriately. It is the most important reason behind highly populated cities also being very clean. In case of buying any eatable from a 7-Eleven store, locals prefer to stand outside the store and finish. They never eat food on the go.

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These points make the Japanese lifestyle disciplined, happy & positive. Happy Sustainable Parenting!

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