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Safdarjung Tomb: Photo Walk Memoirs

Safdarjung Tomb is one of the must visit archaeological sites of Delhi. Like Humayun Tomb, it is a historical monument which is made with thoughtful landscaping as well. It was built in 1754 after the death of Safdarjung a noted minister under the then reigning king Ahmad Shah Bahadur.

It wasn’t a great phase for the Mughal empire as the king didn’t take an active interest. This is where Safdarjung whose real name was Mirza Muqim Abul Mansur Khan displayed his power play. However, soon the royal family put a restraint on his autonomous power play and in 1753 he was driven out of Delhi. He is the father of noted warrior  Nawab Shujaud Daula who built this tomb for him.

Location: Safdarjung Tomb is located at a distance of 7.5 kms. from Connaught place. Jor Bagh is the nearest local metro station.

Ticket: There is a petite fee for entry in Safdarjung Tomb. Maybe because of this one can find many lovebirds in the nooks and corners of this tomb.

Overall it is a very well maintained archaeological monument in Delhi. Leaving you with photos clicked by me during a photo walk taken along with some friends. All of these Safdarjung Tomb images are subject to copyright.

“Mere ruksat hone ka itna gumaan na kar,

main fir na aaun bas rab se itni faryad tu kar..

Mujhe itihaas samajh kar bhool na jana,

kyuki itihaas  bhi khud ko  dohrata hai!!”


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