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Celebrating the Great World Traveller and the love for Traveling!

When Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon, it was the breaking of a dawn for the whole world. This was a first of its kind. An instance when a team of open-minded people thought of exploring the untraversed path and that which changed the world’s outlook towards moon and Universe as a whole.

The headlines on the next day of practically every tabloid and news channels in the world had just one quote to describe the epic event:

” One small step for Man,

One Giant leap for the Mankind.”

Travel in any shapes and sizes does the same to a world traveller. It opens the mind. In fact, the giant leap from living a monotonous life behind closed doors and becoming a world traveller has an immense impact.

It makes one fall in love with the world!

When this happens a world traveller is born who has the whole world as his or her travel inspiration and then the individual is unstoppable.

Here are some of the experiences and learning points when the team ‘The Other Brain Inc.’ as a world traveller experienced the goodness of world across their multiple travel escapades.:

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    Be Responsible


On a recent trip to an international destination, we met a senior journalist and a noted author of two books, Inder Raj Ahluwalia. Sharing his travel experiences and the way different travellers behave differently in a foreign setup, he commented something that was a learning for a lifetime. He gave an example of himself and tried to prove his point about responsible tourism. He said, “As a world traveller I have explored a lot many countries. Now when I visit any place and being a surd, I become a kind of brand ambassador, representing my community as a whole to the people in the foreign land. So I am always conscious that my actions should leave a positive impression about my community and so not even a single loose action happens from my side. This is so because any faulty behaviour from my end would lead to an opinion formation in the mind of unknown people about my community and which will be indelible.”

This is when we actually realized the importance of being a responsible tourist.

  • Late Night Shopping in Pattaya for Solo Woman Traveller

Source: Asia Web Direct

On hearing about Pattaya city in Thailand what the general notion about the place is that it wouldn’t be a safe place for solo woman travellers. But it will be a surprising revelation for many that Pattaya is an absolutely safe city for woman travellers. One can easily go out and shop till late night without any fear of a mishap. The only requirement here is to have an open mind and without a second thought venture out to see the general negative notion about the city being a pure misconception.

  • Getting Back to Nature

Organic Farm

There are hundreds and thousands of resorts in India and abroad. But how many of them think about getting back to nature, very few! Aahana resort in Nainital, India, has incorporated backward integration in tandem with nature. So they have cows for the supply of dairy products, organic farm for the vegetable requirement, plus some vegetation to act as a fodder for cattle. They have actually established the whole cycle of ecological balance wherein cow yield milk while their waste is turned into biogas and fertilizer. A zero percent wastage of natural components. Indeed a lovely learning!


  • Focusing on Body, Mind and Soul:


On another trip, we met a world traveller couple from London at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, who were in India for more than 2 months. They told they had indulged in Vipassana course for 45 days and earnestly appealed to us for indulging in it at an early age for complete Body, Mind and soul wellness. Coming to think of the fact, not many Indians know about Vipassana still.

Are you a world traveller? What are your reasons to travel? What makes you love the world write to us about your experience!

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  1. It is very safe for a woman traveller. No doubts.

  2. You have portrayed the the whole travelling thing in a beautiful way.. I love to travel new places and to explore the world in my own way.. I enjoyed reading the post..

  3. You have pointed out some fine details that provide a great experience

  4. These are amaizing tips on travel that you have put up here !

  5. I love travels that help me get closer to nature. Something about it is truly magical.

  6. jhilmil says:

    Very interesting article. Its nice to know about Vipassana and i am curious to know the details.

  7. I thing there can be nothing better an experience than to travel the world and gain knowledge about different cultures. Thanks for introducing Vipassana in the post.

  8. Traveling is an enriching experience! It makes us learn a lot about life! And being responsible is something very important! Because our acts would represent our community

  9. Though we are travellers , still I dont know what is Vipassana..travels are for heart and soul indeed.

  10. Truly i too love the world for.many reasons and do read on my take on same

  11. preety85 says:

    This article is very informative and interesting I loved reading it till last.

  12. I love the world because of its language, different cultures and the adventures in world which brings my inner strength to take risk

  13. Great write-up. I travel to feed my soul! I usually travel with my husband but now I’ve started going on solo trips as well

  14. it’s a really helpful ad motivating post for travellers

  15. I loved your tiny detailed thoughts and the way you have expressed

  16. I absolutely love traveling and after reading your blog, I am craving a vacation now ??

  17. A great article which immediately makes me travel, see new places and meet new people. Apart the points mentioned, I love to also like see the culture in the places and ancient history.

  18. Great post about various travel concepts. Loved the thought of Mr. Alluhwallia that we are the brand ambassadors of our country or community so as a traveler it is our responsibility to give the best impression.

  19. I love how you hv broken the myth abt pattaya, I want to go their with my girl friends and everytym I say this, I have all eyes on me as if I hv said something impossible

  20. i love to travel, and thank fully i have a family who is as crazy as i am. loved the detailed points in the post

  21. What an amazing blog post this is!! I absolutely loved your style and the things you have portrayed here are just out of the world .. oh no wait, they are inside the world!!

  22. I am dying to travel to thailand. It is my dream destination Thailand. You arouse my desire again for travelling

  23. Loved reading your post..traveling is good for all of us. It helps us in many ways. I have a plan to explore the entire world.

  24. For someone like me who likes to travel this is such a lovely post to read. I have been planning a solo trip and this now makes me want to do it.

  25. I love to travel as it gives an opportunity to explore new and untouched areas , we are rich with experience and feel relaxed and de stressed.

  26. I love travelling, although I need to collect some good money to explore the world

  27. I live abroad and can totally relate to what Inder Raj Ahluwalia said. Any wrong action affects the whole community. Here I’m seen as Indian even though I do not hold Indian Nationality.

  28. Indeed, being a crazy traveller, I love the way travel moulds me as a person and brings across this vibrant world.

  29. Amazing and beautiful post. I loved to travel and explore fantastic places of the world. It also helps to interact with new culture and thoughts.

  30. Rakhi says:

    I loved reaodnt this post. For me traveling is a luxury that I couldn’t indulge much in. Howe I aspire to some day go onto this journey and adventure

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