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Kairali Ayurvedic Centre Opens in Gurgaon!

With the expertise of 110 years in Ayurvedic treatments and consultations, Kairali Ayurvedic Centre has embossed its name indelibly in the Ayurvedic treatment places pan India. Since the inception of its first Ayurvedic Centre in 1989, the treatment centres have grown and become 22 in number. With increasing customer demand, Kairali has spread its wings both across India and also abroad in countries like U.S.A., Japan, Mauritius, UAE, Bulgaria and more.

In 2017,  Kairali Ayurvedic Centre has opened its gates in Gurgaon.  So now one doesn’t need to go all the way to Kairali’s Delhi Centre for getting treatments and rejuvenating exhausted self. 


Kairali Ayurvedic Centre in Gurgaon enjoys an excellent location advantage as it has great connectivity from Golf Course Road, M.G. Road, Golf Course Extension Road and Sectors around Sohna Road belt. From all these densely populated residential areas the centre is at a distance of less than 7kms. It is located on the same road as Paras Hospital and shares proximity with Shalom Hills School and Gold Souk.


The Kairali Ayurvedic Centre in Gurgaon is smaller than the main branch in Delhi nevertheless the essence of this group has been maintained here too. In the entry area, there is the idol of Lord Ganpati with fresh flowers floating in an earthen container creating a positive organic impression on every person walking into this premise.

At the reception on one wall, medicines and in-house prepared Kairali beauty products are displayed while on the other side there is a swing installed and nature’s five elements highlighted on the adjacent wall. Bells similar to the ones seen in the temple further enhances the interior of this place. 

The treatment rooms inside are pretty functionally designed. So in a typical room, there is a wardrobe for keeping belongings there, an attached washroom, a steamer equipment & of course the conventional massage area.

For information & booking visit website
For information & booking visit website

In this Kairali Ayurvedic Centre, there are further finer details that have been paid attention to like Mirror, availability of grooming products like comb etc. that are typically used after a massage or a therapy. The wardrobe, however, should have a lock of some sort. Hygiene and cleanliness are maintained at all times.

The centre is generally quiet and peaceful with a mild sound of music resonating.

Therapies to look forward to:

  • Abhyangam:

It is a massage with herbal oil to improve blood circulation. The person taking up this therapy is benefitted with a peaceful sleep and delay in ageing. Abhyangam at Kairali Ayurvedic Centre is done by two people and the pressure can be adjusted according to personal preference.

  • Sirodhara:

Literally meaning in the Hindi language, ‘Sirodhara‘ means a therapy in which the herbal oil drop by drop onto the head area. This particular treatment helps in greater relaxation of body, mind & soul. Increased circulation in brain area apart from nourishing hairs and scalp for a beautiful you.

  • Udwarthanam:

This particular therapy is for body polishing purpose. Here scrubbing of the whole body is done with herbal powders after a mild session of massage with herbal oil. When this therapy is taken or a few times only then it helps in skin polishing, reducing tanning & improve blood circulation.  If one goes for a package of this particular therapy only then this particular treatment also helps in losing weight and ich loss.

Apart from these stated above, there are many specialised treatments as well like Nasyam for Sinusitis, potli massages, panchkarma for a complete detoxification and more.


The team at reception and inside the therapy rooms are courteous and helpful. The masseurs are trained and are adept at their work.

Team ‘The Other Brain Inc.’ Experience:

This Kairali Ayurvedic Centre in Gurgaon is extremely easy to locate and has superfast minimum 15 minutes therapy to elaborate treatments which require a certain number of sessions spread in a designated time span. The adeptness of staff and the ingenuity of products has been maintained here like the main centre in New Delhi. Plus the pricing is at par with other similar therapy centres. The centre is safe even for solo woman visitors. Highly recommended for people from all age group who are looking for the Ayurvedic cure of ailments or holistic wellness!

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  1. place seems good . I am a big fan of Ayurved. Definitely gonna visit there soon.

  2. Airene says:

    That’s great news, the place looks surreal!

  3. Minakshi Bajpai says:

    Awesome place for relaxation. I would love to visit there.

  4. jhilmil says:

    Their services are superb. Its great for gurugram residents

  5. Ayurvedic way to treat wellness and body is just perfect. I have been to Kairali Ayurveda centre once.

  6. deepali says:

    This place looks just too good. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have been to their Kerala hospital and it was fabulous! I lost two kgs by simply having food in a desciplned way

  8. Wohoo! Ayurvedic treatment is the best! Loved the ambiance of this center! Would surely visit this when I visit Gurgaon!

  9. preety85 says:

    The place looks great with attractive ambiance,will surely visit once.

  10. Papri Ganguly says:

    This place looks so peaceful. Looks like they follow ancient spa technique for ultimate relaxation

  11. I have been planning to visit kairali centre for Abhiyangam and your review made me more confident about it.

  12. Such a great and perfect place for some peace and health

  13. Wow, the centre looks awesome .. It is a great news for gurgaon people obviously.

  14. I have heard a lot about Ayurvedic therapies. I am looking forward to have one. This centre looks great.

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