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Looking for an Oriental Fine Dine Head to this Restaurant inside a luxurious Five Star Hotel in Delhi!

Some twenty-thirty years ago, food in India was all about local cuisine. Experimenting with other regional, religion & street food etc. were the only occasional variations then. But today cuisines from not only different states but different countries across the world have been accepted. International cuisines like Chinese, Italian and more have found their place in our kitchens and restaurants even street food.

‘Rice’ is an oriental restaurant in Radisson Blu Hotel, Dwarka, Delhi. It primarily serves Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese food.

Rice Restaurant - Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka
Rice Restaurant – Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka


‘Rice’ restaurant finds its place in the premium five-star hotel Radisson Blu in Dwarka area of Delhi. The hotel is only 2.5 kms. from the Sector 4 – the central marketplace of Dwarka. From Delhi International airport it is half an hour drive to this fine dining restaurant. While from prime residential areas of Western Delhi like Janakpuri it is under 10kms. distance.  This particular restaurant which has a great mix of foreign and Indian guests coming in is located on ground floor itself very close to the main entry area.


Interiors of Rice Restaurant - Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka
Interiors of Rice Restaurant – Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka

Rice restaurant has interiors planned to be classy and those to go well with all cuisines served here. There are only two-three statements interior pieces placed. The feature wall has a creative bottle arrangement with eclectic lighting to go with it. Apart from this restaurant has a thorough fine dining format with tables and cutlery laid accordingly. Light music prevails. The restaurant is spacious to accommodate around 100 -150 guests comfortably.

Bottles Up - Rice Restaurant - Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka
Bottles Up – Rice Restaurant – Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka


Service at Rice restaurant – Radisson Blu Hotel, Dwarka is prompt. As the food is preferred to be served hot and fresh so it takes a couple minutes to reach on to the table. However, presentation of food can be worked upon a little. The staff, in general, is courteous.


The restaurant being oriental has a lot many varieties of dishes from countries like China, Thailand, Japan and more. The flavours vary accordingly. From Thailand’s famous street food – Satay to Dim Sums you name it and they have it all. They have a great mix of vegetarian and non– vegetarian dishes on the menu. So even the vegetarians can enjoy the vivid flavours from major parts of South-East Asia.

As a part of the dim sum festival held recently, there were more than 10 vegetarian and non-vegetarian dim sum varieties. Along with this, there is an elaborate menu giving one multiple option for choosing delicious soups, starters and main course. Each variety of dim sum has a subtle taste which is unique and mostly comes from the key ingredients.

Some of the must-try Dim Sums at Rice restaurant – Radisson Blu Hotel, Dwarka are:

Chicken Chili Oil Dim Sum:

Chicken Chili Oil Dim Sum - Rice Restaurant - Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka
Chicken Chili Oil Dim Sum – Rice Restaurant – Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka

The presentation per say of this dim sum which is served in a small deep dish with Chili infused vinegar on the sides is a love at first sight. Plus the flavours of red paprika, chicken & water chestnut that gently start to make their presence felt, further enhances the relishing.

Vegetarian Assorted Dim Sums - Rice Restaurant - Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka
Vegetarian Assorted Dim Sums – Rice Restaurant – Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka

Vegetable Pomegranate Dim Sum:

Who on the earth would have thought of incorporating Pomegranate in a dim sum! So this one was a first in itself. But at Rice restaurant, this Dim sums surely wouldn’t go unnoticed in the assorted platter. It’s a little sweet and a little tangy in terms of flavours but certainly worth remembering with a characteristic green colour and yummy taste.

Non-Vegetarian Assorted Dim Sums - Rice Restaurant - Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka
Non-Vegetarian Assorted Dim Sums – Rice Restaurant – Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka

Even the seafood special dim sums like the Prawns Hargaw & Fish Ball are mild but absolutely fantastic clear flavours.

Among the 10 or more variants of dim sums that are served at Rice restaurant – Radisson Blu Dwarka hotel, none of them is overly spicy so as to match Indian taste buds. The oriental flavours are maintained by and large. The use of varied flours in different dim sums is also worth noticing.

All dim sums have the optimal amount of juices inside lest the dim sums become soggy and difficult to eat with Hashi/chopsticks.

Thai Street Food anyone! - Rice Restaurant - Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka
Thai Street Food anyone! – Rice Restaurant – Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka

Apart from dim sums, Chicken Satay was phenomenal.  It had the zingiest combination of spices in it. Perfectly made.

Lemon Grass infused Cream Brulee - Rice Restaurant - Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka
Lemon Grass infused Cream Brulee – Rice Restaurant – Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka

In dessert Lemon Grass Cream Brulee garnished with loads of dry fruits and infused with lemongrass fragrance is brilliant. The chocolate brownie with ice-cream is good too but Cream Brulee is the winner hands- down.

Meal for Two:

Rs. 4000 for two people


In Delhi, where there are a lot of pan-Asian cuisine serving restaurants, Rice restaurant – Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka is one that has made its presence felt when it comes to oriental cuisine. It’s main strength areas lie in the fact that it has a great location and that here the oriental taste is retained to a large extent. This is also the reason that there are more foreigners and expatriates frequenting the restaurant. Indians too who love to have the oriental style of food preparation would love this speciality restaurant in Dwarka area of Delhi.

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