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The significant other.. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

“Oh Friendship….what about that?” you guys must be thinking.. Well yesterday evening while I was sipping my favorite cup of Cold Coffee and checking my FB account, I came to hit on one of my closest friend’s profile. This reminded me of our friendship and then as usual I got into my ratiocination mode..

I started to go into the finer details of our friendship and also started analyzing other #friendships in general, like say where did we first meet?, How was our first rendezvous? How actually our peer group was formed? etc.

Remember Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily & Marshal from ‘#How I Met Your Mother’ they are truly a bunch of inseparable friends who are at one time caring, the other time leg pullers basically alter-ego of each other giving varied dimensions for leading their lives.

How I Met Your Mother group..

Friendship (in English) , Yaari (in Hindi), Freundschaft (in German), Amitié (in French) is according to me an emotional bonding between two people. Bonding is very easy to happen within the family but it becomes a very interesting process when it  happens between two complete strangers..

My retrospection says that it happens not instantly but it is a slow process. You know one meets a lot of strangers in his or her life but not necessarily all people become his/ her friends.. Out of all some people qualify as ‘Friend’, some as ‘Neutral/Acquaintance’ and some as ‘Beware or Enemies’. Once you meet a person, we start forming varied opinions about them and gradually we classify those few people as friends who match our wavelength – meaning our outlook towards life and theirs’ meet.

It also happens that initially we may consider someone as a Friend but he or she ends up as person worth only of becoming an acquaintance or not even that also. I am sure this might have happened with many of us… and that bugger would have bugged you all through that phase of your life..:)

Well for me my friends are a part of my life..I may not call them up regularly, nor message them but then at times when they require me or I require them, both the parties know that we are there for each other.  After all friendship is lot more than just having Pajama or Booze parties; be it bitching about every other girl/boy in college or bitching about office politics or discussing about grave problems of life like your new pimple to that sweet girl’s dimple, from husband’s lacking interest in shopping to that neighbor’s beautiful wife 😉 friends are always there to give you patient ears..

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Together we discover the multi-faceted Life..

Remember the exam time when the friend circle would all be in for notes copying & group studies. Friends are not only  for fun but they are of real help as well. they are one of the major influence’s of your perception towards life, your career selection,  boosting self-confidence and sometimes also for providing financial help..

As I finish this blog of mine today which is incidentally “Friendship’s Day” also,  I would like to thank all my closest pals for the good times enjoyed with them & the messed-up times that we sailed through together..  and would also like to mention a quote carried in today’s newspaper it says: “Veeru would never have survived if Jai wasn’t there with him against Gabbar..”

Happy Friendship’s Day!!

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  1. Varshali says:

    Your article has inspired me to look in to my life and analyse my perspective of friendship .I feel Friends never needed to be introduced in someone’s life . It just happen like love .You met someone and your frequencies matches and the two become inseparable .Sometimes it also happens as you mention to get trapped in a friendship with a bugger, it happens with everyone .Its part of deal i guess as there is “no pain no gain”.But I am against the tradition of celebrating one day for friends .Ofcourse when we were in college we needed any opportunity to hang out with friends but actually it shoudn’t be like this .True friends will never wait for friendship day to meet and connect.

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