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Festive Fragrances in the air..

finalFew days back I’d one of my N.R.I. uncle & his family visiting to my place in Delhi. Being in India was a mesmerizing experience for them and my uncle gladly told me that there’s some distinctive fragrance in the air of this country that makes this place so special and warm.

Thinking of it now, I feel how the air we breathe & the fragrance or smell it has makes such a big impact on our moods. Yet festivals have a far greater impact on our lives. This may be possible because fragrance is one of the factors that constitute in making the festivals exceptional.

But with the festivals changing  through the year, there happens a change in fragrance as well. Don’t we experience this? At least I’ve experienced that & felt a necessity to #ChangeTheAir.

At Christmas & New Year the air is filled with the fragrance of hope & fresh optimism of a positive future. On the other hand during Holi, the air is  pleasantly intoxicated so as to brighten up your soul. During the Ramadan & Good Friday the air has the scent of thankfulness towards God & repentance for all our wrong doings. While Eid fills in the sweetness of Sewayiaan (Sweet Vermicelli) in the air.

However, the only festival that is associated with smoke is Deepawali. Friends though it is one of the most important festivals in India & celebrated with such enthusiasm, we tend to pollute the air during this time with excess of fire crackers. This is not cool at all. So let us #ChangeTheAir and substitute the smoke with fresh fragrances. Air fresheners like Godrej Aer are an efficient aid in bringing this change. Recently, I’ve started using it & wow the variety of fragrances it has is really good & that too  just a click away!

I feel modifying the air we are surrounded with, can bring a great deal of change in us. So next time you celebrate any festival just take a while out & experience the fragrance dissolved in the festive air.

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