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Gourmet Food & Sweet Fragrances.. the best combo this festive season

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Being a foodie, festivals give me the chance to show off my culinary skills & feed my guests with good food.

And for this I’ve a pre-decided list, only with few changes depending on how innovative or conservative I want to be. Like Sewayiaan cooking for Eid, plum cake for Christmas etc. Diwali is no different rather for this festival I’ve an elaborate menu  of sweet & savory dishes to be cooked at home. Major being Mawa Gujiya, Malai Ladoo, Kaju Katli, Chiwda, Shakkarpare, Chakli & Matthi.

A quick recipe of Kaju Katli for you:


Cashewnuts: 3 Cups

Powdered Sugar: 8-10 Tbsp.

Cornflour: 1Tsp.

Silver Foil for decoration.


  • Soak cashew nuts in water. Fill water half level more than the level cashew nuts are just immersed in it for two hours.
  • Drain and grind the Cashew nuts into a fine paste using very little water as possible.
  • Now mix sugar and the Cashew nut paste.
  • Cook the mix in a pan on medium heat with regular stirring just till the mix begins to thicken & leaves the sides of pan.
  • Stir in cornflour into the mixture and remove from flame .
  • Take a flat greased tray and pour the mixture into it so as to make a barfi thick layer. You can use a knife to level the mixture.
  • Let the barfi set for 2-4 hrs. Spread the silver sheet over the set barfi and cut it into diamond shapes.

But while preparing these delicacies most of which involve deep frying technique, the house gets filled with pungent smell of oil/ghee. This is surely one thing that I want to omit when my guests arrive at my house. For a lasting fragrance I use air freshening sprays of Godrej called ‘Aer’. They are quick to #changetheair from oily-smelly to fresh fragrance. So let your home also shine with the sweetness of food & fragrance of ‘Aer’ this festive season.

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