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Things to cross-check, a day before this Diwali!

finalThe five day celebrations have already begun & we are just one day away from the main Deepawali day, I wonder about how to get ready for Diwali?

Sometimes the other side of brain makes you look beyond the certain perspective about a thing; makes you look at the finer prints. Exactly the same thing happened to me & so is this post.

For some Diwali is just a ritual, for some others it’s an opportunity to show off. So what does it mean to you? What is the intent behind celebrating this festival? It is the most important Q &A that you need to sleep over for preparing yourself for Diwali. Try & think about your own small little prayer that you’ll pray during Lakshmi Pujan & think of the things you will be praying for.

Next thing you should consciously keep control on during the festival is your ‘Diet‘. I know that it’s festival time but try & limit the portions you have. Remember the kilos that you gain in Diwali will reflect in your New Year’s party look. (Surely you don’t wanna do that..:))

Getting yourself & your home ready is the third thing you should be aware about. Dress aptly & decor the home right are the key Do’s. Do not wear elaborate dresses and take good care near the fire. For home make sure the house is clean & has beautiful fresh aroma in it. You can use any of the four fragrances from Godrej Aer air freshener for this.

For burning crackers, safety aspects should be kept in mind especially for children & ladies. Fix an open space for burning the crackers and limit the number of crackers for saving environment.

Lastly #changetheair by doing good for a stranger, one good deed for all five days. Light up somebody’s heart & I guarantee if you do this consciously it will give you happiness.

Hope you remember these five fine prints while preparing for Diwali. Wishing you all a Very Happy, Thoughtful & Prosperous Deepawali!

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