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Traditional Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremony at home..

finalSince my childhood days I have seen my mom doing this activity ceremoniously. Each time I saw this event happening, I would be tempted to do it myself. In fact my earliest memory of a major influence for inclination towards baking was this cake mixing ceremony and baking the Christmas cake at home. So from the time I moved on to a different city, every year before Christmas I am geared up with all the ingredients for this ceremony.

I usually do the cake mixing ceremony around The Thanksgiving feast day so that the mix has at least a month to get soaked in the liquor and the flavors of every ingredient comes out well.  The ingredients vary from families, regions & countries.

After saying a small prayer I start this activity as it marks the beginning of Christmas fervor & preparations at home. I try and keep it simple, neat & clean with the following:

Cashew nuts
Golden Raisins
Mix Peel
Black Currants

All the Nuts & Mix Peels are chopped finely before I mix and Cherry de-seeded. Then in a clean container everything is put in & mixed well before pouring in the liquor.

P.S: The picture is a small sample of the quantity that has been actually soaked! 😉

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