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Serendipity of Love..

Fotor020803028I have always disbelieved the fact (obvious for the super complex species called, Human) that “The Opposites Attract”.  However, few years back life unfolded in such a way before me that I had to believe this fact. We, Prashant and I are complete opposites. Then also this serendipity happened.  😀

The other thing that I realized after I met Prashant was that whatever happens in life happens for a reason..mostly a Good one!

In year 2010 I had hit rock bottom in all spheres of my life. It was at that time of my life when I was forced to give a serious thought towards it and I decided to find a partner for myself.  Hence the big search started.

I tried every possible avenue to search a nice “homely” boy. It was then in May’10, I saw his profile on a marriage website. When I showed it to my mom she was skeptical about going further for a profile on marriage portal but I insisted. Initially impressed with his looks & profile, though he was short listed by me along with some other profiles, but I was not that sure. 

After that there was a short interval in our story. But this interval lasted for few days only. Once again we got into touch and within a couple of days there was a “Formal Tea Session” at my parent’s place. As I had this “Tea Session” experience before too, I was feeling confident and excited.

Finally he came. Seeing him for the first time and after a brief formal conversation with him, I realized that I’d found my kind of husband and a good family too. 

It was time for our one to one rendezvous. To our surprise, the talks started quite well and we were  at ease in each others presence. Some doubts surfacing in my mind got resolved many didn’t  or should I say he confused me. He asked me at the end of our talk, “So what do you think about me?” and I replied with a smile “Nice guy, can be thought of..” (though in my heart, I had said yes!)  and in turn I asked him what he thought about me and he first said “Y…Yes” and then to suffice his male ego said “Can be thought of” and went away. Well I almost knew his answer but still waited for his formal verdict.

After this the verdict was served in about two days, when I had almost lost my patience and had come to the conclusion that the boy had rejected me. He called up and said “Yes!” to my mom. And all were delighted by this.  Few minutes later he called me up, to have a word with me and till date we are just having a word…:)

We got married in October 2010. We both love travelling to new destinations and share quality time with each other. Talking about the doubts I had then, they still exist and we two are still resolving… 🙂 

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