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An Incredible Companion like Krishna..

I woke up in the morning and checked my mobile to see the time. It was already 7.15 AM. “Oh! God I am again late..” I ridiculed myself, took a deep breath, stretched a little and there I was on my toes. Heading towards the kitchen I planned, how I will first make the breakfast, see off husband and then welcome the kaamwali. After all this probably, I will sit down and relax for having a peaceful cup of tea.

Peace of Mind..Does it exists?

I opened the refrigerator to take out milk and other food stuff only to realize that the milk had spoiled. “Oh no!” exclaiming this disgustedly, I rushed to bring the milk from milk booth.  Finally I brought fresh milk and made the entire breakfast at a speed that would even surpass master chefs. “Phewww…Thank God I could finish on time” I told myself while waiving off husband for work.

It was just five minutes that had passed and the doorbell rang; it was my maid. “Bai first clean the utensils then do the sweeping and mopping. Yesterday the utensils were not that clean.” I said to my maid. In nano seconds she snapped back at me “What madam you are always complaining; I work in other houses as well, they never complain.” Her lovely speech went on till the time she completed her entire work. Poor me, I was self-pitying and trying to console myself. I got engaged in other work so as to divert my mind from this one sided outburst, when I heard “Madamji, I am going. Lock the door.” and with a big bang the maid shut the door on my face. “Oh! God why do I have listen so much? I questioned the almighty. “But at least now I can have my tea and relax.” I comfortingly added.

Within minutes I was sitting on the couch with tea and biscuits. I had started the music player with my favorite songs on the playlist to cheer up myself. I had also picked the newspaper to read in the meanwhile. For me tea and good music always worked and so I started to feel light and pepped up.

I adjusted my glasses for reading the paper and I read the headlines which said a Malaysian airplane ‘MH17’, had crashed claiming several lives. “What? Another Malaysian plane has crashed what’s happening! Poor people and their relatives, God Bless them.” I turned on to the next page and there was another disturbing news piece that mentioned a skating coach being arrested on alleged rape with his students in Bangalore. “What is happening to the society and the so called educated people? Have these types of men completely lost it?” Feeling sad after reading both these news, I threw the paper at one side of the table.

It was definitely a bad start of the day..

By afternoon, I finished off all the other work at home. Sitting casually on the sofa, I remembered my best friend and thought of giving a call to her. I pulled out my mobile and tried to call her but she didn’t answer. Then I thought of calling my husband. He picked up the phone and said hurriedly “I am in a meeting call you later.” Still having the phone on my ears and the sound of call being cancelled coming from the phone, I yelled with mixed emotions of anger and sadness – “There is so much negativity all around and there’s nobody with whom I can share my emotions. It seems everybody is busier than me. I am not able to feel positive and at peace. I think I spend most of my time with this mobile than these people. At least this is one thing that is dependable and doesn’t snap back at me.”

Lord Krishna enlightening Arjun about life..

I started the TV and there was negativity all over, be it the daily soaps or the news channels. While surfing trough the channels I saw a recap of Mahabharat’s yesterday night episode. Thinking about this episode I remembered how as an incredible companion, Lord Krishna enlightened Arjun about the purpose of life and dealing with problems. I told to myself. “What if my mobile phone could get a super power and be the best companion like Krishna!

He could show me, by his super power in a good HD display, the positive motives of God and brighter side of all the negative things that I daily encounter. Probably after this he could enable me to achieve the Zen state for deep relaxation, inner peace and power to engulf the negativity.”

Aiming for Zen state for inner peace..
Aiming for Zen state to have inner peace..

Excited about this super idea, I exclaimed “Wow! This would be awesome. I would be relaxed, stress free and happy all the time. This peace and happiness I would extend to all the other people whom I meet; thus having a positive aura and more number of positive people around me in comparison to others. In addition to this I would be able to do all tasks taken in hand in a more efficient manner saving lot of time and energy.”

Say “No” to Negativity..

My noble thoughts were suddenly paused by the sound of my land line phone ringing which I picked up to hear the voice of a sales guy “Hello madam! I am calling from XYZ insurance company. Do you have Insurance policy? Our company has come with new insurance schemes.” I calmly replied to him, “Sorry I am not interested. Thank you.” and hung up the phone. This time surprisingly I wasn’t angry or irritated at the sales person. I was at peace likely because of the mere thought of having my mobile with the super powers of an incredible companion like Krishna, and being able to do what others can’t do and see what others can’t see!

asus zenfone
New #ASUS Zenfone – Intel Inside, Intelligent Outside..

P.S. This blog post is for a contest named #IncredibleZen organised by  ASUS in association with Indiblogger. Though it’s a fictional story I wish to have an incredible companion like Krishna.

 Image Courtesy: Wikipedia, Pixabay, Indiblogger, Geni

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  1. Great ! I really like your concept and approach…. 🙂 of luck dear…

    1. Thanks Mani..

  2. hmmm all the best in getting that then 🙂 .. lets hope there is one made …

    1. Thanks Bikram..

  3. Krishn is my friend too. I criticize, grumble, confide and seek advice from him.

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