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Key Drivers of My Zestful Life..

zest collage
Love them..

Zest is the soul, Zest is the thought to move ahead,
Zest is the dream, Zest is the hunger to taste success,
Zest is the passion, zest is crossing the boundaries,
Zest is everything that drives your life to living!

When I introspect about the things that fill my life with Zest these are a few ones that I cannot  imagine my life without:

  • Traveling:

I wish I could fly free like a bird with no boundaries and no terms & conditions. Being a free spirited traveler, I love to travel often to new destinations, see the places around, meet varied people from diverse backgrounds and occasionally have a small chit-chat with self. The most zestful thing about travelling is that it lets me by myself.

  • Long Car Drive:

A mundane life with robotic scheme of things to do makes me a dull girl. To pep up my mood all I need is a long car drive. Ex-Delhi there are a lot of places that can be enjoyed after a drive. It not only refreshes the mind but takes me out of monotony. The focus needed in driving the car makes my mind calm by giving it a break from thinking about multiple things at a time.

  • Winning and Loosing – Optimism:

 “Get busy living or get busy dying” is a statement that constantly inspires. I have tasted some spectacular moments and had to gulp in many failures in my life till now. However, optimism to overcome every situation with head held high is the thing that fills my life with zest.

  • Writing:

Writing gives my life the zest it takes to make it alive. It is often said – “The only escape of being lonely is to being creative”.  After gaining some heavyweight educational degrees and trying my hand at varied professional areas the only thing that satiates my soul and inspires me to live my dream is writing. It is the best means for me to pour my heart out in any situation and move ahead.

  • Good Food:

I often jokingly say to my husband,”I love you more than food, that’s a lot.” Making & eating out good food fills my life with zest and happiness. I try making recipes from different cuisines some turn out to be good, some really bad but whatever the outcome may be the experience is totally worth. I have had food in the deserted land of Leh where Maggi is the only treat that one can have, traveled for four hours just to have a wholesome desi food at a dhaba (roadside restaurant) and also have treated myself with a menu full of varied cuisines in a seven star. The core zest of any of this being food.

Have your own list of things that add zest to your life do share it with me.

P.S.: This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and

#ZestUpYourLife with new Tata Zest
#ZestUpYourLife with new Tata Zest

Photo Courtesy: Tata Motors, Wikipedia

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  1. food is always on my list tooo 🙂

    1. Yup I can literally live, kill or die for food.. 😀

  2. Me too a foodie and always ready for looong drive 🙂

    1. Thanks Bushra..:)

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