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Wishlist 2014 – Five Beautiful Black Things..

My 2014
My 2014 top five beautiful things in black color

Black is Elegant, Black is stunningly Bold
The perfect contradiction any party of the world holds..

Black is Boring, Black is the ultimate Dark
The perfect among all imperfections the world is stark..

Black is Lazy, Black is the latest Trend
The perfect discretion the world is seeing end to end..

Black is Unique, Black is the ultimate Vibrant
The perfect selection the world is confident..

The world is me and I don’t pretend
Black is perfect for me and I am adamant!

Black has been my favorite color from the beginning. From my childhood days I can remember sketching something but not filling colors in the sketch. Then in the teenage, I remember it being my favorite by saving a cutout from a magazine which had my favorite hero – Shahrukh Khan dressed in black suit. In the present day as well I love black as the most used font color when I write about anything on my blog.

So here is my 2014 wish list for things to have with me in my favorite color Black:

#1. A Luxury Black Sedan:

I never had ‘Cars’ as a favorite topic to dream about. But incidentally there was this one luxury sedan car that actually got stuck in my mind. Undoubtedly black was the color of the car. In the present day though I have a hatchback car of my own and the sedan car that I used to adore is not available in the market anymore, I still wish to have a luxury black sedan car of my own.

#2. Black Apple iPad:

I am a writer and that too a moody one. So out 24 hrs. of a day, wherever I am, say for travelling in a public transport or in the flight or going to meet some friend etc. having an iPad will be a more convenient option for me to carry along. This way I can instantly note any idea that clicks in mind.  Being a little show off that I am honest to admit, a black iPad will look more glamorous and the Apple logo will be distinctly visible in the silver color against my iPad’s black body.

#3. Black Apple iPhone:

I wish to have this phone in its latest version. For me Apple iPhone in black color is the most sleek gadget one can have. With an Apple iPad this phone will be a perfect companion for the ease of transfer of data. Apple iPhone 6 is speculated to be launched soon and I’m sure that the phone and its black stunning looks will be enough to get my friends be ‘J’ about.

#4. Black Burberry Medium Bowling Bag: 

Since the time Burberry has set its foot in India, I wished to have a Black Burberry Bag one day. It is an iconic brand and a black handbag from this brand, is an ultimate style statement. Visiting their website, the most stunning hand bag that I couldn’t pull my eyes off it is the Black Burberry Medium Bowling Bag. The styling and the black color gives it bold & beautiful look.

#5. Black Leather Sandals:

Being a girl, I eat, drink and sleep over only few things like Clothes, Shoes, Handbags etc. So in my list of five black things to have during the year 2014, how can a shoe/sandal not be there. I wish to have a beautiful pair of black leather sandals that are have medium heels and are perfect in fitting. Black sandals go well with most apparels and are a hit both in party or a formal event.

This post is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at Hopeful to have all this by 2014 end 🙂

Fingers Crossed!

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  1. your most of the desires are meeting with mine, I have a desire of a Black Honda City car, with black iPhone and iPad, and a black DSLR Camera….

    1. Some brains think alike..I also really like Honda city 🙂

      1. Good to hear that, do call me for a ride when you have the one or vice-versa 🙂

  2. Love everything ! Those bag and sandals ! *_*

    1. We girls we all love bags and sandals..and getting a Burberry one is a dream come true.. 😀

  3. Wooooooow!!! Gud choices!!

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