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A Chic Flat to Home Makeover..

Few days back my mother, gave me a worried call and said that she was bored of our plain house and wanted to re-do it. However she was confused about revamping our always classically styled flat. So she wanted me to help her finalize decor stuff for home in order to give it a new chic look. My mom a sixty plus woman is quite independent but when it comes to things related to fashion and other creative genre she is either very basic or dependent on me.

I asked her what type of home decoration she wanted to incorporate in our house so that I would be in a better position to help her. She had a three word clear cut brief for me; she wanted our home to look chic, elegant, and easily maintainable. She also told me that in the coming week some of her friends were coming over for lunch. So obviously she wanted to finish off the redecoration before that.

Oh mom! A week’s time was actually a very close deadline as against the home decoration brief. Being married in a different city I asked her to send some photographs of our home immediately to know the recently changed color scheme of the walls.

Thankfully she mailed the photographs quickly and there I was sitting with my laptop browsing for various online shopping home decor retail sites which could give me design or product ideas that I could put together and propose to my mom for our home.

Luckily after visiting two or three online retail sites; I visited a home decoration retail site with name It had a lot of home decoration products for decorating a home into various style themes like contemporary, ethnic, casual, chic etc.

This was it I quickly browsed through the products on display at this beautiful site and narrowed down three products that could easily give our dull flat a stylish dapper look. They were:

· Me Sleep Hollywood Digitally Printed Cushion Cover:

cushion cover - Copy - Copy
Hollywood Inspired Cushion Covers..

This would add glam appeal to our five seat sofa set and also enliven the living room which was carefully themed with cream color painted on three walls and the fourth wall with yellow color by my mom herself but which now appeared to her as little dull.

· Alkemi Decor Door Skin Pattern 12:

Girl Power Door Skin
Girl Power Door Skin

It is perfect to be put up on her bedroom door. It signifies the women power, brings in the positive energy and matches her personality aptly that is outgoing & independent.

· Deknudt Mirror – (9119.AZN):

mirrorThis is a stylish mirror and will add a distinct design highlight to the narrow passage that connects the living room and bedroom. I feel it is a much ignored space that can be redecorated by placing this mirror along with adding an illusion of being a bigger space than in reality.

Keeping my fingers crossed I called my mom two days after she gave the brief and even mailed her the links of with the selected products for her to see and confirm if she liked it. Surprisingly she was elated to see my found products perfectly matching her thoughts about giving our house a dashing makeover. I was happy hearing her relieved tone and excitement in voice. Few days later she enthusiastically called me to inform that she had received all the products timely and after placing them on the decided places our home was dazzling in its new changed avatar!

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