Penned Poem..

Priced Possessions..

Fotor0808164212Thinking about all my priced possessions,
I remember all those things & people I have shared my truest expressions..
The cordmy lifeline in the journey of coming to life
We parted so abruptly that I didn’t realize..
The little teddy bear, my only friend before my nursery mile,
I wanted to hold onto you for longer but could only sigh..
Friendsthe only few names I was inseparable for a while,
We parted to stay in touch always but only could exchange a distant bye..
As I remember all my priced possessions,
Each of them like the countless colors from a brilliant reflection..
I can only pen down a few lines,
feeling nostalgic all this while..
“You were my priced possession,
without whom I couldn’t imagine my existence..
I lived with you, I laughed with you,
my entire world revolved around you..
In fact  you were my world, my source of inspiration,
but now as the destiny has conspired against our association..
We bow down before its unfathomable decision,
we need to part our ways my love and say goodbye to each other..
But still remember that you were my priced possession,
without whom I couldn’t imagine my existence..
We need to move on and look ahead in other directions,
but I will always remember you till I’m dead & beyond in resurrections..”

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  1. Heartfelt and beautiful

    1. Thanks Chaitali, you are always gracious.

  2. Lovely, my first thought was what are my priced possessions.

    1. Thanks Shweta..

  3. Awww.. thats such a cute post 🙂
    Makes me call my best friend today !

    1. Thanks Ritika..

  4. Datta Ghosh (@IamDattaGhosh) says:

    Beautiful lines

    1. Thanks!

  5. So nice, superb…

    1. Thanks Alok..

  6. Ananya (@AnanyaTales) says:

    Beautifully expresed !

  7. Beautiful and touching lines ….<3 <3 <3

  8. Well, now I need to think of my prized possessions. Nice;y written!

  9. Nice possessions, nice memories.

    1. Thanks!

  10. I hate girls with Teddy Bears !! But this one is Cute

    1. Thanks Rahul..:)

  11. Judy ur expressions r so touching and much that i want to read it again i am finding it rather difficult to read it in first go itselg…err the black font with the blue sea background makes the font difficult to read…i am heavy on specs…i would want to…pls can you do something. No i love the background…maybe the color of the font…or the size of the text. Hope u don’t mind. loved this one too as one as the last one but would want to go through again…

    1. Hey Shivani,

      Thanks for your suggestion and liking my poems. However I fail to get your point since the black font used in the posts are chosen against the white background.. The background blue picture is just visible not more than a frame size while reading the posts. Please do check again and let me know. Thanks again!

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