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Book Review: God is a Gamer by Ravi Subramaniam

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Though a bit late at reviewing this thrilling novel but I am sure its better than never. Perhaps a book lover like me couldn’t actually miss out on this so another thriller-detective type of novel on my shelf after Private India
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On the Shelf..
Book Title – God Is A Gamer
Authors – Ravi Subramanian
Genre – Suspense, Thriller, Fiction
Publisher – Penguin Books India
Published in – September 2014
Pages – 310
Available Formats – Paperback & Kindle Edition
Price – Rs. 179, 173 for Paperback Edition
Available Online at – &
“God Is A Gamer” novel’s story is based on some of the present day trends like the internet currency called Bitcoins (in fact I came to know about it in deep after reading this novel), e-Commerce, Online Gaming, Outsourcing, Hacking and frauds related to ATM.
The author has very impeccably weaved a story involving bitcoins spreading across India & U.S. This thriller story is quite captivating and challenges your curiosity. The chapters are small and keep shuffling between Mumbai and Washington D.C. The language is easy to comprehend.

The Plot:

Well we all like to read a short summary first but I find revealing the plot of a thriller story equal to a crime. So no story out here. However, I would like to give an idea about the story.  It’s an entangled tale of murders, their investigations and the politics involved of the two nations with the backdrop of Bitcoin, ATM fraud & online gaming.   
The story gets a fresh twist after the murder of Malvika, the CEO of NYIB with many people coming under the scanner for this crime. Among a bunch of characters in the story my favorite ones are agent Adrian Scott and Aditya.  

What Didn’t Work for Me:

  • The large number of characters tend to confuse the reader and make the story little confusing.
  • For a curious reader like me who seeks the end covetously, the end in this thriller is rather abrupt.

What Worked for Me:

  • The Pace of the story.
  • Agent Adrian’s style of solving the case.
  • Friendship of Aditya, Swami & Sundeep.

About the Author:

Ravi Subramanian is India’s best selling thriller novel writer. He has to his credit six books. Currently he is spearheading a leading financial institution. before coming into banking and financial sector he has gained a professional degree from Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore).  An experience of over eighteen years in various leading banks and financial institutions has bagged him to write great fiction novels with banking and finance as the backbone of the stories. Obviously the key highlight of his stories being based on banking.
His other fiction & non-fiction novels include If God was a Banker, Devil in Pinstripes, The Incredible Banker, The Bankster, Bankerupt, I Bought the Monk’s Ferrari.


My rating for this book would be 3.5/5.
My last thoughts on this banking & bitcoin central thriller story is that it is one exclusive experience that a fiction novel lover can get. So a book that can be read and more so if you have a finance oriented bent of mind. 
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