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Healthy Children = A Happy Home

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Children in any family are the ones that enliven any home space. I can actually relate with this statement being a new mom. But with happiness there comes a lot of responsibility because these little souls can actually get themselves into trouble quite easily.
Be it a minor infection like catching cold and cough to developing some major illnesses like pneumonia, diarrhea; any ailment can cause a lot of trouble leading to an inconsolably crying, weak bodied child with a lot of tantrums. Obviously with such a suffering child at home everything becomes dull, gloomy and unhappy. Parents, grandparents all become worried about child’s health and even gets all worked up. To worsen the situation sometimes even elders also catch one or the other infections from children.
Some of the diseases like common cold & cough etc. are caused by bacteria & viruses that are present in air, water & food. A simple weather change, exposure to outside food can trigger these common day infections in a child’s body.
As a child I remember catching frequent cold in winter and rainy seasons or developing a sore throat after eating food available in school canteen. This would not only leave me weak but also would leave my mother stressed out in taking care of me. My mother would prevent my brother also to go out for playing making him grumpy and sad.  The solution for me at that time being a strict ‘no-no’ from playing outside in winter and rainy season, a ban on eating outside food plus bitter medicines to be gulped down the throat.
Those days each time I used to fall sick I used to think of a possible reason why I was so susceptible to these common day infections. As I grew up I got to know my answer as a ‘weak immune system’. Immunity in common man’s language can be defined as the resistance in the body to fight against the everyday infection causing germs. So how to prevent the occurrence of such infections in little ones and how to boost immunity is a often asked question by mothers?
Here are some simple measures that can be implemented for boosting your child’s immunity making him/ her healthier thereby creating a happy home:
  • Drinking Water:
    Clean, safe water to drink
    Encourage your child to drink lots of water. It’s a known fact that human body is constituted by 75% of water so drinking lots of purified water flushes out toxic substances from the body.
  • Encouraging right eating habits:
    Lots of vegetable & fruits
    Lots of vegetable & fruits
    Try and cook your child’s favorite dishes at home and not resorting to easy way of buying it from restaurants. Mothers with children who are reluctant to eat vegetable can try different recipes to make them have the much need source of minerals & vitamins.
  • Breast-Feeding:
    Baby_breastfeeding_drawingFor all new mothers breast-feeding is the key to your child’s good health in present and coming days. The milk also called as Colostrum has many disease fighting and immunity building qualities that when given to an infant helps to naturally boost immunity for his/her entire life.
  • Dabur Chyawanprash:
    Giving your child, half teaspoonful of the tasty, three times immunity boosting Dabur Chyawanprash twice daily can be a further aid for having healthy children and creating a happy home. Made from 45 Ayurvedic ingredients like Amla, Aswagandha, Guduchi, it has immune-modulatory and anti-allergic potential which gives your child a shield to fight the everyday infections. Some popular celebrities who endorse it are:

    Celebrities boosting their immunity with Dabur Chyawanprash
  • Play/Sports:
    Sports are essential..
    Sports are essential..
    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So urge your child to take up an outdoor sport. Playing a sport not only gives  them good health but also fosters a good mind & behavior.

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