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Breakfast at Guptaji’s House..

I am lucky to live in a neighborhood where people still care about each other and so potlucks and food exchanges are quite frequent. However, there is one house of Mrs. Gupta who everyone wants to visit especially during the breakfast time. I always wondered what is so special about people wanting to visit Gupta house at early morning hours.
Then recently, an opportunity came my way when my husband had to discuss some matter with Mr. Gupta and obviously I insisted him that we go at the breakfast time. ūüėÄ
As we were climbing the stairs to Gupta house a very inviting aroma of food filled my senses with absolute delight. Till this time, I had only heard about how wonderful was to visit Guptas at breakfast but today I was actually going to experience it myself. I must say I was really thrilled.
After the cordial ‘hello’, we all sat down and the men started their¬†conversation while I accompanied Mrs. Gupta in the kitchen. Seeing the variety of food, I was little taken aback as well as¬†little embarrassed.
I couldn’t stop myself and so popped up the question to Mrs. Gupta without thinking any further. “You have a family of four people and so much variety of food for breakfast?”
She replied with a smile, “Actually all four of us have different choices of things to eat for breakfast. From the beginning, it is a rule in our house to start our day with a breakfast of our choice which should be mandatorily be filling.”
“Agreed that breakfast is necessary but then for each person you make different things? I think by giving choice you are increasing your workload needlessly. Plus children always like to have sweet things and giving them sweet breakfast daily can affect their health as they will miss out on good things like drinking milk etc.” I stated my viewpoint.
“Well, I would partially agree with you. Yes! I agree that it does increase my workload a bit but then by giving all, their choice of breakfast I am not compromising on the nutrition part.” She said lost in arranging teacups and plates on a tray.
At this, she paused for a while and looked at me to see me puzzled about her statement. She pointed towards the four bowls and continued to speak as she served a portion in four different plates.
Nashta at Guptaji's place..
Nashta at Guptaji’s place..
“First tell me what will you and bhai sahab wish to have? See there is Cornflakes salad, Chapatti & Cornflakes Chivda, Strawberry & Banana Cornflakes with milk and Apple Cinamon Cornflakes.”
My mind was at war not because of the conversation but because of the difficulty in deciding what to have and what not to have. All the four bowls looked so tempting.
Finally I said, “Chivda for me and¬†Strawberry & Banana Cornflakes with cold milk for my husband.”
I had never tried having cornflakes in a spicy way so had chosen the chivda¬†that was Mrs. Gupta’s favorite too. My husband and Kunal, Mrs. Gupta’s little son took the Strawberry & Banana Cornflakes with cold milk while Mr. Gupta took the Apple cornflakes and their teenaged daughter took the salad.
With the first spoon itself my taste buds rejoiced being at Gupta House. I was wondering why I had never tried to make this kind of chivda. At the breakfast table, there was a unique kind of happiness in the air as all were eating their favorite dishes for breakfast and there was no fuss at all. As against the heavy parathas and deep fried stuff that is usually cooked in Indian household, all dishes had cornflakes in it and free from excess oil or ghee which is very good from the health point.
“Yayyy I win! I win!” Screamed Kunal as he gulped down the last spoon of his Strawberry cornflakes, dipped in a bowl full of milk. Mrs. Gupta and I saw each other and she smiled at me as if telling me ultimately she was the one who had actually won. (Kids hate drinking milk.)
After returning home, I mentioned the whole ¬†thing that happened in the kitchen to my husband. He too was amused with Gupta family’s idea of having a healthy breakfast of their choice. We have opted in for following this idea of healthy snacking and I feel it is worth your consideration too!


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