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First Smartphone – How about Moto-E?

Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumaar.. Naya Pyaar hai Naya intezaar..
Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumaar..
Naya Pyaar hai,  Naya intezaar..
Remember this song..? Well! this song till today carries the fresh essence of first love with it. Teenage is the time when most of us first start to understand’ the meaning of falling in ‘Love’. Perhaps people like me who have grown in 1990s would agree my saying that around teenage only we people actually started to get serious in life and started to develop a deeper understanding towards life.
After all, it is difficult for all of us to forget our first time we did something, ate something, went somewhere, achieved something. I had a couple of firsts already accomplished by then like:
Built the tower of glass pickle bottles and then..Boommm..
Built the tower of glass pickle bottles and then..Boommm..
Explosions in Chemistry Laboratory..
Explosions in Chemistry Laboratory..
Time passed by rapidly and paused for a nanosecond perhaps to give time for me to breathe only that was in the first year of college. On achieving second rank in final exams that year my mom gifted me with my first mobile phone. It was the latest sensation then and the person having it automatically used to get classified as the ‘Elite’.
Obviously I still remember the phone, it was dark metallic blue Nokia 5165 with a small antenna. I swear it had the potential to kill anybody if thrown upon. But yes advanced from other contemporary mobile phones then. A simple phone which was very easy to operate. After using for six months, I remember that I used to remove its antenna, clean it and again put it on for catching good signal. For three full years, it was a priced possession for me and I would eat, sleep and never step outside the house without it. Unlike today’s smartphones, it didn’t have a camera or a bluetooth. Back then, I was happy with LED backlight, five ringtones and 100 phonebook capacity which al have become unlimited in the present day phones.
Another memory of with my first mobile was playing ‘snake game’ on the phone.
Longest snake, did you make it?
By the end of the third year, four girls including me in my group had got mobile phone.They say life progresses at its own pace and doesn’t wait for anybody. Early 2010 on my birthday I gifted myself with the first pseudo-smartphone with my own salary. It had a camera at the back, entry level internet browser which actually I never felt like using and a touchscreen that was difficult to operate.
mainbannerToday in 2015 I have become older and wiser so I start to choose a smart phone that has all key features packed with simplicity at its core and have a gorgeous outlook. One that I can flaunt, carry and use with minimum hassle.
#choosetostart with Moto-E
#choosetostart with Moto-E
Moto-E is one such smart phone that first is pocket-friendly (after all today what comes in Rs 6,999/) and packed with features like latest version of Android, rear camera of 5MP and a 4.5″ qHD display screen.
With all this and more now I can read online newspaper, write on my blog, play games, watch TV through my smartphone only.
What makes it special are finer features like sturdy hardware, long battery life dual accelerometer, assist feature with different modes, and dual sim option.

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  1. Teenage love and Snake game are the best one could ever forget. Interesting read and I like the way you integrated everything along with your first smart phone experience. Enjoyed it and my best wishes for the contest.

    1. Thanks! do participate in my Giveaway..

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