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The other day my best friend’s younger sister, Abha, who is a multi-talented girl visited me. Well, living in the same city technically I am her guardian. I feel she is abundantly blessed and her fashion sense is such that it gives me a B-complex (Big Complex). Taking a cup of tea, we sat down to chat and after a brief gossip session I put forth my ever so perplexing query that comes to my mind about how she is so updated with the changing fashion trends. With a proud smile, she said, “Ask Me Bazaar”.
Seeing me clueless she asked me to open my laptop after which she quickly navigated to Ask Me Bazaar website. I had tried only a few online shopping websites up till now and hadn’t really browsed through this particular site. There were vast categories of products covering premium apparels to products required in our day to day life for home and kitchen. She swiftly selected ‘apparels’ from the main category list and ‘for her’ sub-category. There we were literally amused seeing the range of premium western dresses for hot fashionistas like us.
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There were tops, skirts, harem pants, dresses and what not. It left me in utter confusion and I wasn’t sure what to select and what to leave. To make things easy for me, Abha literally gave me a crash course on the buzzing fashion trends and how to choose premium dresses. Here are my key takeaways from it:
  • The Top Affair:

Casual tops are the most ingenious apparel types for hot fashionistas going to college or office. They can be conveniently paired with a range of lower options like trousers, jeans, skirts, harem pants etc. Perhaps divas of all age group like Abha & myself can carry them off easily. To add further size doesn’t really matters for wearing them. These days embroidered tops, flared tops, shirt patterned tops, pleated tops and slightly long tunics are in fashion. Also embellished shrug jackets are quite in so one can combine a casual top with a matching jacket to have a glam look.
  • The Micro-mini, Mini, Midi & Long ‘Skirts’:

Gone are the days when skirts were considered only for college going teens. These days they are the most trendy fashion Friday office wear. Obviously with few restrictions skirts can be a premium dress for the working divas. So for wearing correctly at the office, knee length and middle length skirts are the perfect choices. Micro-mini, mini and long skirts don’t really go with the formal environment. In contrast to this at informal places micro-mini, mini and long skirts can do the magic and bring out the hot fashionista in you!
  • Dress it Right:

Dresses are simply superhit. With little moderation, dresses go well with all occasions be it a workplace or casual party or as a college wear. Again here, the mantra for dressing it right is keeping the place you are going to in mind. As a usual office or college wear, one shouldn’t look overly done; being subtle is the an important rule. There are premium dresses which are reasonably embroidered or embellished that can be worn on such occasions. Plus to adorn a look of a true fashionista one needs to keep in mind its length, fitting and colour.
So the next time you are going out for shopping (Why I am saying that when we have such good online options for shopping that are just a click away!) do consider these points to dress up right and steal some limelight.

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