Penned Poem..

I dream of digital India..

mainbannerA small poem dedicated to all those who are a part of this vision of making a #DigitalIndia.
Where the processes are paperless and done without a sigh;
Where the long ques are said goodbye;
Where the gap between rural & urban community
is filled with an enlightened conscience;
Where transparency comes out with the chant of truth;
Where the wireless ties stretch their arm towards society’s every section;
Where the dreams of better farming, financing & making a healthy India
is not a dying hope lost in the dark lanes of shallowness and ignorance;
Where the country leaps forward mile-to-mile with a promising leadership and expertise..
into that light of e-governance, let’s make India digital.


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  • OLE Nepal cover” by One Laptop per Child – Flickr: OLE Nepal cover. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –
  • Indiblogger

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