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Pune – the one Indian city I love..

Shifting to Pune for pursuing further studies was my first step towards independent living. It is also my first karma bhoomi. From once being a hill station and a serene vacation spot, Pune has now turned into a vivacious city which is having a huge bunch of floating population. Few come here for studies sake and few people arrive here for working in the number of multinational company’s that have set their base here.
Some quick and useful information about Pune City:
The many facets of Pune city..
The many facets of Pune city..
  • Hotels in Pune:
I still remember my first visit to Pune. I had G.D./P.I. in my going to be college and with no friends or relatives residing there, me and my mom had no choice but to stay in a hotel and so started our search for good hotels in Pune. We wanted a safe and obviously near to my college hotel. We asked few people for good hotels in our preferred area and by the end of it all we had a big list of hotels in Pune in our hand. From lavish 5-star hotels to guest houses, people had given out names from technically every category of hotels that are possible to think off. Phewwww.. searching a good one and that too befitting all our criteria I must say was tiring. We spent at least 3 hours before we finally checked in the hotel.
I so wish there was an easier way of doing the hotel bookings in Pune then like the many options available now on Internet. One can simply find his or her type of hotel in Pune by adding filters like price per night, area, number of stars etc.
  • Shopping Places in Pune:
Apart from the number of established malls there are local markets if you wish to buy authentic Maharashtrian and reasonably priced stuff. The best markets for buying clothes, utensils, and other day-to-day items are situated on Lakshmi Road and other Peth areas near to it. M.G. Road area is famous for fashion clothing while Market Yard and Mandai markets are famous for buying a variety of vegetables, fruits, and grains.
  • Things to Eat in Pune:
Mastani, Wada-Pav from Joshi wadewala, Cad-M/Cad-B, Bun-maska & Keema-pav from Cafe Good Luck and Poha at Null stop are sure to have things when in Pune. Also don’t miss to gorge on the delectable Maharashtrian thali. As a take away while returning back from Pune one can simply stop by any shop of Chitle Bandhu for packets of mouth watering farsan (a type of Indian meal and snack accompaniment) and sweets. Fruit and nuts biscuit from Kayani Bakery are also one of the must take away items from Pune.
  • Leisure Activities in Pune:
For travel freaks like me, Pune is ‘the’ city to be.There are many places one can visit like Lonavala, Khandala, Mumbai, Alibagh, Lavasa etc. Further party state Goa is also not far away. Apart from this the nightlife of Pune is also awesome. Must visit places inside Pune include the Dagru Sheth Mandir, Sinhagad fort, Shaniwar Wada, and Mulshi Dam.
  • People of Pune:
The local people here are simple and live a peaceful life. As against Mumbai which is a supercharged city, Pune is little laid-back and quiet.
Hope this quick fact file about Pune does help people who are visiting it for the first time. For any other must know facts about Pune city that I may have missed out do write to me and remember to share if you liked the post.

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  1. lovely post…having lived in this vibrant yet peaceful city for a short while I can happily endorse ur views

    1. Thanks!

  2. The most peaceful City next to the busiest City…. Even though I never visited this City, I heard a lot about the beauty of this City when I was a Resident of Mumbai for an yr in 70s….. Thanks for sharing the Post!

    1. My Pleasure..:)

  3. Irnani biryani at Neile restaurant near pune club .

    1. Oh! How come I missed this one?

  4. Place well captured. And I completely agree with you on the details you have mentioned, because I live In Pune 🙂 Thanks

    1. Thanks Tara.. Lucky you..

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