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A Day to Remember..

In life, there are some good days and some bad ones. Good days tend to be a moral booster, make one happy and prove to be an inspiration for the future milestones of life. While the bad days in my opinion come in one’s life to test the self-belief and leave giving a learning for the rest of life. But at the end of it all it is the attitude of a person and support of his or her loved ones that make all the difference.
However, I must admit that the bad days do constitute to one’s unhappiness and pain. At least it happens to me though I try to combat with the bad things that happen to me tactfully they do affect me. One such  bad phase struck me when I was in my last corporate job. Now some of you would say, “Doing a corporate job is not a cake walk.”  
Agreed, some chain of events had left me highly de-motivated. This is when I decided to take a small break and sought the company of hills. Me and my husband planned a trip to Dharamsala, Mcleodganj, and Manali.
On our first day of this holiday in Dharamsala with the start of office hours, I was literally bombarded with phone calls for God knows what all information and as a sincere employee I had to oblige. After wasting my first hour in this official cacophony, as the phone calls stopped I was finally in peace and was super hungry. (Whenever I am sad I eat a lot and I tend to eat all the cheat food at such times. 🙁 )
So technically I kickstarted my first day in Dharamsala with a sumptuous breakfast and then next me and my husband decided to visit tea gardens. As the climate was quite pleasant and being overwhelmed by the beauty of the place we decided to walk down to the tea garden. We asked people for directions from time to time and the locals would each time assist us by saying “Just 5 minutes walk from here.”
We continued to walk, walk and walk with no signs boards showing how many more kilometers were left for the particular tea garden. Finally, the time came when we saw a small signboard showing the arrow signaling to a small lane on the right for tea garden. We were happy to see that at least we were heading in the correct direction.
Relaxed seeing the signpost, this is when both of us started to actually talk. I guess it was half a kilometer distance or more that we had to cover but considering it was a hilly terrain and being already exhausted due to the ‘extra-walk’ we did in searching for our destination we took small breaks.
Along the way to the gardens, there were concrete benches places alongside the road. I remember for the first few minutes I was just cribbing uninterrupted about the office problems. As we took the first break I had already started to feel a lot better. Sitting on the bench my husband who was listening to me patiently started a light hearted discussion on some random topic and then carefully took its reference to make me understand ways to deal with office situations in a better manner.
I was getting mentally freed from the tensions. We continued walking and this time continued talking with each other, cracking jokes and clicking pictures. In another few minutes, we reached our destination and were feeling super-energetic and awesome.
All my tensions were way behind me and I was living and enjoying those moments. Elated to see a tea garden for the first time I actually went ahead and clicked at least a dozen photographs. The return journey was relatively easier for us and not to say we were super hungry.  At the end of the day, all was okay within me and I was geared up for the upcoming office assignments.
As I write about this day of my life I feel the importance of few people in our lives and how effortlessly they can light up our day and inspire us to lead a good life.
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