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The Lesson of Self-Reliance..

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I read a beautiful quote somewhere:
hold their children’s hands for a while
but their hearts forever.
I cannot thank my mom enough for the way she has brought me up and made me the person I am today. Well, some of you would say what’s so different about it, all mothers take care of their children. Yes! I agree all mothers are the same and all love their children more than themselves.
Talking about my mother she is one person I look up to without any second thoughts in mind whenever I am in an odd situation. Sometimes I wonder how and when did I get this confidence in her?
Pondering about the same I wandered through the memories of my childhood where I saw her taking care of me single-handedly. Though she would make sure I did my studies and extracurricular activities with utter sincerity but she never bullied me to perform. With this kind of support, I also never took undue advantage of her belief in me and became an all round performer.
I remember an incident where she particularly helped me out. That day without her support, I would have flunked in the exam. It was in my sixth standard half-yearly exam of history subject. Although I had studied seriously for it, one night before the exam I got blank and it seemed to me that somebody had erased every single thing that I had memorized for the same. I got frightened to the core, my mom seeing me puzzled spoke to me, understood my reason for worry and smiled. She then picked my syllabus book and started helping me out in revising from one chapter to another. When we were half way through she got up to make tea for us while I continued to study. Keeping the cup of tea, she told me to continue studying and went off. I studied the whole night and though I wasn’t 100% prepared for the exam, but I wasn’t afraid also. I gave the exam to the best of my ability.
When the result day arrived within my heart I had the fear lest I fail and disappoint my mother. Parents had been asked to collect the report card along with children and as a usual practice my mom accompanied me. I could see that she was also a little tensed. We sat in the classroom waiting for my turn to come. When one of my classmates and her mother went to get report card, seeing her failing in the examination my friend’s mother started beating and abusing her in front of everybody. I must say I was jittered with the thought of getting beaten in front of so many people. Finally, my name was called out and as I opened the report card I saw that I had managed to get 56% marks in the particular subject. Though the marks were poor unlike my marks in other subjects which also lowered my rank but that time my mom gave a reassuring smile and winked at me to convey me that all was okay and it was time for celebration, to live that moment.
To this day, I remember this incident not because I didn’t fail that day, but I started to believe in myself and become the self-reliant person that I am today.
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