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Critical Ailments – Are you prepared for it?

Recently I got the news of an elderly family friend who suffered a mini heart attack. Until that day, I was under an opinion that he was financially sound considering that he worked for a multi-national company and with the number of national & international holidays his family used to go for. But only when this urgency came about I got to know that the dude hadn’t planned for such emergencies. Meanwhile, his family was left clueless for arranging money for his hospitalization and treatment.
Well! from a  third person perspective we all can blame him easily for acting so foolishly. But if we ponder and peep into our lives, don’t we also sail in the same boat? Now some of you would say we do have term life insurance plans done to cover our families. Maybe you are right, but do you think getting an insurance policy is sufficient to secure your family’s future? God forbids me saying so but what if one suffers from a critical disease like heart attack, paralysis or cancer.
Being diagnosed with such a critical ailment can easily affect all the plannings done to secure family happiness like bright future of children, plans of buying a house, the personal loan taken to buy the car etc.
These thoughts made me search for critical illness insurance plans that would cover me in case of any critical ailment. I found only one or two health insurance plans which covered critical diseases like heart attack, organ transplant, cancer etc. But I would particularly like to share one policy that covers it all. It is the Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+.
To live with loved ones is more important..
To live with loved ones is more important..
Features that made me like it:
  • Covers 17 Critical Illnesses: 
Few years back I had once visited Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai which is one of the best cancer care institutes of India. There I saw many people just roaming around helplessly trying to arrange funds for the treatment of their suffering loved one. Not that the hospital has an exorbitant price for the treatment, but the treatment and medicines are costly for such a major disease. So a health insurance plan covering 17 critical illness is a security in itself.
  • High Insurance coverage:
After all critical illnesses require critical care which is assured with high insurance coverage. This policy has a minimum insurance coverage of 5 lakh INR. to 1 Cr. INR. Best care and best of the treatments available can be afforded by the high insurance cover.
  • Age Limit for Eligibility:
One fabulous thing about this plan is that even a 60+ aged person (up to 65 yrs.) can take up this policy. This is a rare sighting in Indian insurance scene.
  • Multiclaim option:
One cannot be sure that if he or she has suffered from a heart attack then he or she might not suffer from any other critical ailment. So for such people the policy’s multiclaim option can be a life saver. In it one can claim insurance cover up to three times.
This is solely my liking towards this policy that I have written about it. If you agree or disagree with me anyways do think about taking up a critical illness plan for yourself and your near and dear ones. After all, life is precious!

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