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Raise the Travel Fun with Next Gen Mobile Apps..

A wise man once said – “Get busy living or get busy dying“. Well! some of you would say #MyChoice. Personally I believe in getting busy to live each moment of life like it was the first. ‘Living’ in true sense for me comprise of three things – Thoughtful actions, Travelling and Eating. Common now I am not doing anything extraordinary and this would be the life’s summary of many of you as well, isn’t it? So are we a ‘different’ bunch of youngsters or are we a part of the continuously unfolding future? In my opinion, we are a part of the future or rather the future makers (if I may say so)!
So while most of the young professional like me resort to frequent outstation holidays we are always short of time for planning the trip and stuff. Surely smartphone can be a life saver in this, want to know how? Then, read on..
Next Gen Mobile Apps a Traveler's best friend!
Next Gen Mobile Apps- a Traveler’s best friend! Source: Pixabay


  • For The Sake Of Booking:

Obviously even in today’s changing scenario youngsters like me cannot imagine themselves standing in a long line or patiently hanging on a website to book bus, train or flight tickets. We have less time and we need to do the bookings promptly so now days many organisations have introduced smartphone app to book the travel tickets and do hotel bookings without any hassle. Here are some of the useful mobile apps that one can download and utilise for the same:
#1. IRCTC Connect: An Indian railways official mobile app to book train tickets and in case you need any information regarding the schedule of a train and other stuff.
#2. Make My Trip: To book national and international flights, bus tickets and do hotel bookings.
#3. Red Bus: For ensuring a comfortable bus journey one can book tickets via this smartphone app.
#4. Easy Taxi: When travelling to countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia etc. finding a taxi will be as handy as the app itself.
#5. Hotels.com and Agoda.com: For easy hotel booking spanning worldwide.
  • For Making Holidays Stylish & Fashionable:

Now this is one sort of mobile applications that I wouldn’t afford to miss. While travelling my dressing up mantra is simple – Dress as the natives Dress. This way I would not look like an alien and also it would be a kind of respect shown towards the culture of the place I am visiting. Just imagine I am travelling in Thailand wearing a saree or I am travelling to Amritsar and wearing a pair of shorts with a cropped T-shirt! “Faux Pas”, you would say. So just before going for or during a holiday I usually do some shopping for myself after all holidays are meant to relax and look beautiful.
Some quick mobile app stores for stylish clothing:
#1. Wish:  An app belonging to Wish shopping mall in Europe and North America. So if you hail from that part of the world you wouldn’t mind trying this one out.
#2. Myntra Mobile-First: If you are an Indian and a desirous online shopper then you must have done shopping from Myntra.com at least once or more. It is one of my favourite online shopping sites as well and this wonderful website is all set to become exclusively available for smartphone users with its mobile phone app.
#3. Wheretoget: Ever seen a photo on Pinterest or any other social networking website and wondered where you can buy it from? This app is meant to answer this query.
  • For Memories & More:

Good times and good holidays always lives in our memory. So capturing the scenic beauty of a new town or getting clicked is a must to revisit the time spent on a particular holiday, rewind and reenergize. Here are some mobile apps that help to make your job easier:
#1. Snapseed: Clicking photographs is one thing but editing it so as to make it look the best is totally another cup of tea. Photo editing can easily be done and with a professional touch via this mobile app.
#2 Retrica: For the selfie queens and stylish selfie boys. Simply pout and click. Beautiful!
  • For Smart & Safe Travel:

Travelling to new destinations can be very enjoyable but there is always a risk of getting yourself in an ugly situation knowingly or unknowingly. Here are some apps that can be of great help at such times:
#1. TripLingo & Google Translate Apps: These apps are important especially when travelling to a destination where language can be a barrier in communication.
#2. XE Currency: Converts any countries currency for better understanding, better deals and better shopping.
#3. TripIt: Plan and manage your trip itineraries with this fabulous mobile app.
#4. Packpoint: A smart app to help you with packing stuff for holidays.
So the next time you are planning a holiday try these fantastic mobile apps to ease out your workload involved with travelling. In the end be it fashion, travel or future – it is all about change!

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