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A New Car for the Lodgycal Indian..

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Main jahan rahoon, Main kahin bhi rahoon..

Teri yaad saath hai..

What a lovely song isn’t it? Instantly fills you with the nostalgia of your near and dear ones and the most priced possessions in your life. What if you can carry along easily these ‘can’t live without’ people or things?
Renault, the french automobile company and one of the leading car manufacturing companies in the world has come up with a new multi-passenger car named ‘Lodgy’.
Renault Lodgy
Renault Lodgy #LiveLodgycal
This car is like a mini mobile home in which one can take along people or the things that matter most to me. Which are these things that I want to carry along with me in this mini mobile home, ‘Lodgy’? Read on..
  • The Stylish Me:

Power Dressing to match the stylish Renault Lodgy..
Power Dressing to match the stylish Renault Lodgy.. Source: Renault India
I would like to first dress at my stylish best before I sit in this suave looking car. This will be my attempt to match up the sleek design that has been incorporated in Lodgy. Usually, I prefer wearing casual outfits like denim and t-shirt etc. But while driving this new Renault Lodgy car I don’t want to be looked down upon by others. So to suit the car’s swanky outer appearance which has wide headlamps, trendy European lines & posh chrome grille in the front, arrowhead-style tail lamps and equally remarkable interiors with chrome finish dashboard and the three-row adaptable seating, my mantra is to stylishly power dress.
Designed to impress..
  • My Parents & His Parents:

    Kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi.. Source:
    Kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi.. Source:
    Before marriage, a girl is the apple of eyes of her parents where she is pampered always but after marriage she gets to play many additional roles like of the wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, mother etc. She has to play all the roles perfectly while keeping the utmost balance among all. This is where Renault Lodgy can prove to be a great asset for me. On occasions where the entire family comes together, I wish to give them a comfortable outing in this spacious and airy seven and eight seater car.
    FotorCreatedComfort for the loved ones comes packed in the carefully planned features in this car like captain seats which can be 60:40 split, tumble fold and recline to ease the ingress for those heading towards the third row of seats. Plus in addition to this it has charging sockets for all three rows, height adjustable seat belts and roof mounted AC vents.
  • Playlist of Favorite Music:

MediaNAV infotainment system
MediaNAV infotainment system
Without a playlist of some of my favorite and few recent songs saved in a USB, I cannot hit the road. So it is a must have for me in this sense. The makers of Renault Lodgy have taken mine and several other people’s craze for music into consideration and provided the state of the art MediaNAV infotainment system in the car. The system has a fabulous 7-inch display and touchscreen which is also enabled with USB and Bluetooth. Apart from entertaining the passengers this infotainment system also is a big help for functions like call receiving, navigation and parking.
  • My Babajaan’s Luggage & more:

Space constraint for keeping baby stroller and other stuff..
Baby stroller and other things stuffed like this..Naahhh.. Photo Source
Since the day my son has arrived, each time I have to take him outside, I need to carry all his basic stuff which is equivalent to carrying a mini luggage plus his stroller, car seat etc. For these things, I always find space in my small car to be a BIG issue. In such cases, many times I either have to let go off my son’s stroller or I have to offload some family members.
With Renault Lodgy, space will never be a constraint again..
With Renault Lodgy, space will never be a constraint again..
In Lodgy, space is plentiful in the form of larger boot space of 207 litres which is expandable up to 1861 litres. Plus the third-row seats are retractable and can also be 50:50 split & tumble fold to make the much needed extra space.
  • A Rosary & a small Holy Bible:

In difficult times, you will carry me in your arms.. Photo Source:
In difficult times, you will carry me in your arms.. Photo Source:
I believe beyond logic and science there is an entity that keeps all of us and the universe going even in the hardest phases of life and most dreadful catastrophes. So I will go ahead and include a rosary and a small Holy Bible to complete my world in this mini mobile home named – Lodgy.
One always talks about living life logically and this new Renault Lodgy gives you all the right reasons to shift from the common car and try something BIGGER, BOLDER & BETTER.

Renault Lodgy for a wholesome life.

“I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.”

Renault Lodgy Photo Source: 

Click to access Lodgy-Brochure.pdf

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  1. Looks like a great car. Great review on the same!

    1. Thanks! 🙂

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