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It is often said,

“We have got only one life so try and make most of it.”

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But as I flipped through today’s newspaper, I don’t really feel like relating to this the quote above.
I read about the Gujarat riots and the infamous Sheena Bora Murder Case.
Then during the day, revelations one after another coming in for both these cases compelled me to pour down my thoughts on the massive personality shift we as a society are going through.
A few years back India was taken aback by Aarushi Murder case where finally the parents were convicted with reasons and many questions still remaining unclear, unanswered.
After all this and much more happening in our society, I am made to feel what actually is important for a person? Is it all about ambition and personal self? Have we in the due course of time, started crossing the fine lines drawn by our ancestors and ourselves to form a civilized society in the name of liberalisation & making it big. Thinking of parents-children relationship getting sour for securing personal ambitions so much so that the parents  don’t even mind to kill their own children, is really disturbing for me being a mother myself.
For once let us forget about family relations but why is treating each other with humanity, courtesy and respect as a fellow human being decreasing so drastically? Gujarat riots being the ongoing proof of this fact.
Why have we started treating each other same as a material or a thing which can be used and then dumped. Each day, I read & hear about  such incidences between husband-wife, friends, business relations where for personal benefit one person turned hostile towards the other person in innumerable ways than one.
Let us try and pause for a moment and think over whether this is our definition of modern educated society? Where by the name of exercising freedom, ambition & setting a trend, one can go ahead and do most outrageous crimes, abandon children, dupe people, defame on social media for a petit issue, backstab a friend, road rage, running a marathon sans sanitary pads, open gunfire to vent out anger etc. and probably after that lead a normal life with head held high?
I guess, it’s time to think!


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  1. Very thoughtful post!

    1. Thanks!

  2. Prashant says:

    Truth is stranger than fiction.

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