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FotorCreated1People knowing me personally or following my blog regularly would be knowing that I am that sort of person who cannot take monotony in the name of ‘Living Life’.  This is also the prime reason why I developed hobbies like travelling to new destinations and exploring new food dishes. Of lately, I have also become a couch potato – literally (Taking liberty and considering that potato too has a shape.) & metaphorically.
However, I am not as guilty as it is sounding to be, purely because I have discovered  some never seen gems in the form television program content in the area of travel, food and history.  My favorite television channels being Discovery Channel, Fox Life, Food Food and the recent new additions like Epic, Living Foodz and Star Premier Select Movies.
The varied programs running on these channels benefit me in many ways like some have content that inspire me to travel, eat, cook and explore and some have knowledge that helps me plan travel itinerary and explore foods & restaurants that serve the best taste of the region.
Some times I take a note of the information presented in the programs but it is really difficult to note down every thing. Well on this note most of you will agree with me that a minor fault in the recipe or a minor fault in planning a travel itinerary could be heart breaking.
Trust me both these things have actually happened with me causing a lot of trouble. For example while baking a cake whose recipe I saw on T.V, I used plain flour instead of self-raising flour and so the cake after baking didn’t rise. Oh! I can’t tell you how I felt at that time, having wasted so much time and energy. My only mistake was writing only ‘flour’ in a jiffy to note down all ingredients. This was the day I stood pondering if only I could record this program and see it for reference when I wanted to cook a recipe shown on television.
Same is the case when I travel to different cities though I prefer to pre-planned itinerary but where are best eateries of the town, what to eat are things that needs be handily available for a quick note. Whether I am traveling alone or travelling with family, I like to the keep the entertainment quotient fully charged up so that we may not die of boredom. So I would love to record such informative programs and record few favorite movies of my husband and myself for our entertainment during the journey.
New Picture
Tata Sky has come up with this innovative concept called Tata Sky+ Transfer, possibly after listening to suggestions of viewers like us who feel the need of recording television content and transfer it to a medium which is more handy like mobile or a laptop. After exploring the new Tata Sky+ Transfer, I found few of its features particularly very useful like:
  • Freedom to view recorded content anytime & anywhere without internet access being mandatory.
  • Freedom to pause, rewind and forward recorded videos.
  • Easy streaming of videos with great audio and video quality.
By using #TataSkyTransfer I will be able to keep my family and myself entertained for joyful travel journeys and dish out recipes like a master chef cooking on TV.  If you too feel are a regular target of boredom and face a burnout then getting your favorite entertainment from television can become quite handy for you with this Tata Sky + Transfer. Think about it!
Leaving you with a small rap :p
Aunty-uncle, sunoji buaji
If you too want to know,
What happened to iski bahu, uski saas
or refer a recipe, cooking it top class..
Then why are you thinking so much oh mere yaar!
just lagaofy #TataSkyTransfer..
kyuki isko laga dala to life jhingala la..


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