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Talvar movie (2015) – a Viewer’s Review #TalvarThisFriday

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Aarushi Talwar murder case, does it ring a bell in your mind? I am sure most people in India would still certainly be remembering this much talked about double murder case. Namely for two reasons, firstly mystery prevailing just after the crime and secondly because of mystery prevailing after the court pronounced its verdict.
The murder of a 14 year old girl in Delhi NCR, under baffling circumstance which then went on to become a double murder case with body of the servant, Hemraj, recovered. However, after all the extraordinary media attention and finally the conviction of the girl’s parents for the double murders, the case with many loose ends left many doubting & debating.
665px-TalvarFilmPosterTalvar, a movie directed by Meghna Gulzar and produced by Vishal Bhardwaj hits the Indian theatres this Friday, the 2nd of October 2015. This movie as the name and trailer suggest is based on this very intriguing double murder case. It takes you down the memory lane back to 2008 and refreshes the Aarushi Murder case in your mind.
The two names majorly associated with this film namely, Meghna Gulzar and  Vishal Bhardwaj are known for making different than the league movies. So any film from them gathers much limelight and critical appreciation before the release itself and as a matter of fact, the films too doesn’t disappoint the audience.
Talking about the star cast, the film has fine actors like Konkona Sen Sharma, Irrfan Khan, and Neeraj Kabi in the lead role. Irrfan Khan manages to pull of the role of an investigating officer quite convincingly and so he is show stealer in this Bollywood film. The supporting cast which has Tabu, Ayesha Parveen, Sohum Shah also have by and large justified their characters.

What Worked for Me:

  • I have been a keen follower of this murder mystery right from the time it happened, and I have written a couple of blog posts about it also. So I have a kind of attachment with it, having said that, I wouldn’t like anyone to play around with such a sensitive real life murder mystery. I think most people will be agree with me on this point and I guess Meghna Gulzar also understands this very well. She has carefully handled the plot so that it doesn’t deviates from the facts in the film.
  • The depiction  of murder has been shot cleverly and doesn’t looks gruesome. Since it is a thriller, the movie is devoid of songs barring the one background score.
  • The supporting cast barring Tabu and few known actors from television industry is relatively new which makes their characters more believable.
  • The satirical comic situations well timed by Irrfan Khan in the movie.

What Didn’t Work for Me:

  • The opening scene of KonKona Sen Sharma, I felt she could have done far better than she did, a rather restrained job in this particular scene.
  • Some points of this mystery weren’t explored to the fullest in the movie plot.


I would choose not to split the beans here and leave the suspense for you to enjoy.

My Verdict:

Who killed Aarushi? What was the motive? Did parents kill Aarushi? Was Rajesh Talwar guilty for the murder of her own daughter? If you have all these questions still in your head and puzzling you, I suggest go and watch the movie for sure. The motive behind this movie is not purely entertainment but much to learn about this double murder case and rethink about where as a society we our drifting.
I, as a viewer will give this movie a 3.5 stars. So spare some time in this long weekend and watch this hard hitting movie in a theatre near you with your family or friends.
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