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With ongoing Ganpati festival, the festival season is here; and so is the time for the massive home cleaning project, redecorating and painting. I feel so many festivals round the year in our culture are instilled just to rejuvenate our tired souls and break the monotony of daily of life. So in this sense if we change our surrounding like our homes or office  spaces, it brings in a kind of refreshing.
This year I too have plans for getting the painting of my house done. But the problem is mera wala shade, meaning I have a particular look for each rooms of my house in my mind and I am not able to get over and approve of any other look and colours above the pre-conceived look.
This leads to me becoming a fussy rebel, the painter – an Indian aunty who is an expert in haggling with shopkeepers & cajoling little kids, and last but not the least well my husband whose stance is like an army who is standing in the war zone with a white flag (with let there be peace expression.)
To avoid all of this I am planning to take the help of one smart web application, #PaintFinder, on Bed Bath & More website of finding paint colour that is nearest to the look I have in mind.
When I came to know of this savior like application, to be honest I wasn’t very sure if it could help me but the brand name of Bed Bath & More compelled me to explore it at least once.
I must say this application is a clear winner for me. ‘Paint Finder’ has fresh themes that one can choose from or if you want to design your home, your way then it has an almost indefinite range of colours for you to choose from. Plus you can get a preview of the colour chosen also to see how it is going to look after painting is completed. A real-time preview is super cool.
The best thing about this #PaintFinder feature is that it has all major paint colour brands associated for selling. So a customer like you & me would never feel restricted in terms of getting the exact colour shades. In addition, this smart feature is as easy to use as the Paint tool available on your laptop.
So finally the snapshots of some themes that I have decided to go with for my house renovation via this smart #PaintFinder feature.

The Living Room:

Painted with little bright not eye-hurting yellow colour on one wall teamed with light cream colour on rest of the three walls.
Living Room with little bright not eye hurting yellow colour on one wall combined withh light cream colour rest three walls.
Look selected for Living Room
paint finder1
Living room look selection process on #Paintfinder..

Dining Area Look:

Elegant for a fine dining experience everyday at home.
Dining Room Look: Elegant for a fine dining experience everyday at home..
Dining Area Look: Elegant

paint finder2

Bed Room Look:

I have chosen a rose-coloured feature wall for bed room so that it keeps the room fragrant with love & understanding. On other three walls I have decided to go with very light pink colour.
Bed Room Look: Beautiful as rose..
Bed Room Look: Beautiful as rose..

Kid’s Bed Room:

After all a kid’s room should look and feel like one with all the naughtiness and child like innocence. So I have chosen this theme of sky blue.
For Riaan - my son, from mumma, mera wala blue..
For Riaan – my son, from mumma, mera wala blue..

Wash Room Look:

I feel wash rooms play a major role in our lives. So why ignore them when thinking about painting. So this lively colour for my very personal space.
Wash Room Look: Lively..
Wash Room Look: Lively..
So anyone of you – my readers, who want to re-paint your home this festive season do have a look at this ‘Paint Finder’ feature and give it a try. Who knows you might just get lucky with peaceful paint colour selections at your home. 🙂


“I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More

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