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Book Review – “Shayaree-e-Zindagee (Poetry for Life)” by J.S. Mishra

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Reviewing a book on poetry was one thing that I had never thought myself capable of until I happened to get hold of this book Shayaree-e-Zindagee. Read on..
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Book Title – Shayaree-e-Zindagee – Poetry for Life
Authors – J.S. Mishra
Genre – Poetry
Publisher – Bloomsbury Publishing India
Published in – September 2015
Pages – 311
Available Formats – Paperback
Price – Rs. 350

I am no authority when it comes to writing or reading poetry. Mostly, I resort to some popular poem verses or vent my feeling in the form of poetry only when I fall short of words and have to convey a deep thought across. In fact, I strongly feel that poem and shallowness never go together. Reading the couplets from this book simply reassure this belief of mine.

What’s in the Book:

This book is a compilation of more than 500 couplets penned by several famous Urdu poets like Ghalib, Firaq, Iqbal, Jigar Moradabadi, Bashir Badr etc. The book is divided into 17 sections dedicated for different emotions or should I say expressions of life like love, dream, longing and more.

What Worked for Me:

  • The selection of couplets have been thoughtfully done so that even an amateur poetry lover can easily comprehend them.
  • The translation in English given under each couplet further helps reader to understand the verse well.
  • Most couplets included in the book inspire the reader to lead a good life.
  • The book has couplets addressing to almost all expressions of life.
  • It has only a few popular couplets which have become famous for their use in the Bollywood films. Rest of the couplets are like hidden gems that still await their share of limelight.

What Didn’t Work for Me:

  • The pricing is one thing that can be the tiny bit of discouragement for having the book on your shelf.

About the Author:

J.S. Mishra has pursued the best of two poles apart world. One being his professional career as an Indian Administrative Services Officer and the other being his passion for poetry. He is an ex-IItian from IIT Roorkee. In his poetic journey which includes five collections of Hindi poems and five books, he has been honoured with many state awards, citations and certificates.


I am nobody to rate a book that has such meticulously selected priceless shayaries (couplets). If you are a Hindi or Urdu poetry lover then just go and grab a copy of this book now. I can assure it will be a priceless edition on your book shelf.




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  1. I am not a huge fan of poetry ! But this one seems to be intriguing😊

  2. I just love poetry and this book seems filled with emotions will sure give it a try!!

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