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Laughter in Love happened to me.. #LoveAndLaughter

You know it is often said, ‘Marry someone who makes you laugh.’

I wouldn’t say Prashant, the man who married me almost five years ago, makes me laugh quite often but then we do share some smiles & laughter apart from the usual pleasantries (read it as blaahhh.. #@$% & so on).

Sharing one such recent incident that made both of us burst into laughter.

Since I am an utter foodie, I try cooking new dishes often and my greatest critic is one and only – Prashant. So one fine day just to surprise him I decided to make not one but two of his favorite dishes.

For the first time, I tried my hands on to make ‘Peanut-Jaggery Chikki’. The second dish that was  also looking forward to receiving his approval was ‘Chicken Chettinad’.

Peanut Chikki didn’t take me long to prepare but making Chicken in Chettinad style took two hours of my hard work before it got completed. While I was busy giving final touches to the chicken dish the doorbell rang and I knew on the other side of the door was Prashant.

I swiftly went to open the door to find him and his usual robotic exhausted expression in place. But the moment he entered home, the aroma of good food cheered him up. Quickly after keeping his bag and other stuff he followed me into the kitchen where I finished garnishing the chicken. Giving it a quick whiff he remarked, “Nice, what’s this dish?”

“Chettinad Pepper Chicken”, I replied.

“Pepper, hunhhh. You know you should learn how to make chicken masaledaar!!” He said.

“Well eat this one and then we will see.” Partly frowning at his critical remark yet determined, I replied without looking at him.

After a minute or two of silence while he was trying to deal with the fact that he had struck my wrong note. I broke the silence and showed him another platter that was covered. “I also made this peanut chikki for you with the jaggery we got from the market yesterday.” I said in a tone that had suspicion of another critical remark coming which would dissect my effort to make the snack.

He picked one chikki an inspected it and then tasted to say, “Hmm..good. You know it’s crunchy and not chewy. Perfect.”

I was elated with his remark since my trial had passed with a positive note.

After some time, I headed to set the dinner table and as we sat down for dinner he said, “Close your eyes and move your hand up front, I have something for you..”

Trust me I was expecting chocolate eclairs or something. But he kept a small box in my hand and told me to open my eyes and see.

As I opened my eyes, they got wider seeing a famous gold brand name written on the box. I was elated and in seventh heaven just by imagining about the surprise precious gift he had brought for me from this jewelry brand.

I opened the box to see a 100 gm silver plate and an overjoyed husband!

“This I got from my company”, he added.

Well though my imaginary precious gift idea had gone for a toss, I was still feeling happy for him. Back in my mind I had thought that he was awarded for some special accomplishment back there at the office.

I impressively exclaimed, “Well what have you done at the office that they have awarded you with this gift?”

My mechanical engineer husband simply replied, “ didn’t do anything. It’s just that the company has crossed manufacturing 15 lakh vehicles so all employees got this souvenir from the management side.”

For a second or two I was speechless but the next moment I exclaimed “MEN” and then burst out laughing.

“…Aaahhh..!!!” I added as I moved forward and hugged Prashant who had also started laughing at the unintentionally created comic situation.

Well, life lies within these little moments shared with the family. So this Valentine’s day rather than expecting a perfect evening let’s try for a hearty laughter with our loved ones.

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