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Lava V5 v/s Letv Le 1S, Capture Your Priceless Moments with the Best..

In my last travel expedition, the continuous series of clicks had left my DSLR battery drained. This is when I pulled out my smartphone and used it to take pictures and selfies.

On returning when I browsed through all the pictures, the photos taken with my old smartphone weren’t that great. This compelled me to browse through two recently launched best smartphones in mid-budget range and compare their camera features so that a travel freak like me never misses capturing beautiful memories at various places.
The two smartphones namely being Lava V5 v/s Letv Le 1S.

Lava is one of the top five most selling mobile phone brands in India. It has a huge range of economy to mid budget range of mobile and smart phones.

While Letv Le 1S, is one among the pioneer offering from the Chinese brand Letv. This Chinese maker is the latest brand that has ventured into Indian markets.

Here is a comparison of both these mobile in terms of their camera quality that should prove to be a better gadget for capturing the precious moments of your life and more.

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Rear Camera

The back camera is the most important camera among the front and back cameras available in most mobile phones these days. Since maximum pictures and video are taken from it. If one compares the back camera quality of Lava V5 and Le 1S both smartphones have a rear camera of 13 MP with Samsung ISOCELL technology. Lava V5 is enabled with PDAF (Super fast 0.18 sec AutoFocus) and 5 layer Largan™ Lens with a blue glass filter. While Le 1S camera is capable of 0.09 seconds fast focus and also has blue glass filter. Better autofocus capability means quicker properly focused photographs. Both smartphones have F2.0 aperture with LED flash which ensures great picture quality even in dim lighting conditions.

Front Camera

Whether individually or in a group, selfies are the latest fad in an attempt to never miss a moment to record memories as photographs. Whether using a selfie stick or just like that if the front camera quality isn’t up to the mark then the pictures aren’t that good. Keeping this in mind of recently the mobile manufacturers have upgraded the front camera quality. Talking about Lava V5, it has 8 MP camera for better picture quality even if the picture is zoomed and seen or printed for that matter. While Le 1S has a 5 MP front camera. Taking about angles and aperture of front cameras of these two phones. Lava V5 has an 84-degree wide front camera with F2.2 aperture and LED flash while Le 1S has 85 degrees wide-angle lens with an F2.0 aperture.

Apart from this, both mobile phones have full HD recording for capturing cool videos and digital zoom. However, Lava V5 comes with an additional feature called MagicPix to beautify the captured images.

Last but not the least if we compare the pricing of the two then Lava V5 is priced at Rs. 11,299 while Le 1S comes for Rs. 10,999.

My Verdict:

V5-Lockup-1-2As a person who loves photography and likes to capture myself, vivid people, beautiful places and videos, I would prefer Lava V5 as compared to Le 1S. Since the price difference is a meager amount of 300 Rs.

However in return of this a Lava V5 user will get:

  • Better Selfies and Groupfies thanks to the front camera quality of Lava V5 that is 8 MP
  • A dedicated LED flash to yield equally great pictures from front camera like that of rear camera.
  • Super-fast camera focus.
  • Better than the average photographs yielded by its competitor mobile phones in low light settings . Since it has 1.12 Micron pixel size meaning more light  per mega pixel.
  • Its f2.0 Aperture and 5P Largan Lens with Blue Glass Filter ensures that doesn’t misses out on minutest detail in a photograph.

Plus Lava V5 is coming adapted to 4G. What better can the photographer in me who simply likes to click and upload on social networking sites ask for, from a smartphone in this price range.

What’s your opinion on this do write to me?

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