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VLCC De-Pigmentation Night Cream & VLCC De-Pigmentation Face Mask Review

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Well, a few days back I happened to get the all new VLCC De-Pigmentation Night Cream & VLCC De-pigmentation Face Mask for trying them out. Now as a responsible blogger I believe in personally using most of the products coming in for review.
Coming back to this de-pigmentation night cream from VLCC, I used it for fifteen days along with VLCC De-pigmentation Face Mask (thrice in a week) as a regime to see whether the cream and the face mask did actually give the results as they promised.
Here’s my take on the above products:

Shelf Life:

Both the VLCC night cream and face mask have a great shelf life of three years.


VLCC De-Pigmentation Night Cream: Rs. 405 for a 50g. cream bottle
VLCC De-Pigmentation Face Mask: Rs. 155 for an 80g. tube


pixlr_20160627115535997VLCC De-Pigmentation Night Cream comes in a white & cyan colored box packaging with a beautiful imprint of Sandalwood and Aloe Vera on it as the outer layer. The box has a  white tub like bottle within with a dome cap given to seal it. It is very easy to store and use. A small leaflet with the literature of how to use the cream and how to massage your face correctly comes along with this pack inside.
pixlr_20160627115702259VLCC De-Pigmentation Face Mask come in a tube with same white and cyan color on it. Since the cream has the goodness of Sunflower Oil & Saffron these two flowers are shown on the front of tube as well.

My take on VLCC De-Pigmentation Night Cream


  • It is light on the skin.
  • Nourishes the skin.
  • Is effective on long-term regular usage. (Don’t expect it to give miraculous results in a day or two-time.)
  • Pleasing fragrance.
  • Suits all skin types.
  • Reasonably priced considering the shelf life and weight.


  • Really don’t know if this cream is Paraben free or not as it is devoid of an extensive ingredient list.
  • Makes the skin sweat out a little before getting completely absorbed in the skin.

My take on VLCC De-Pigmentation Face Mask:


  • Very reasonable.
  • It works as promised and gives a glow for at least a day. (I used it after proper cleaning my face, little scrubbing & massage.)
  • Comes in ready-to-use tube form and can be easily carried in the bag.
  • Easy to use and dries out in 15 minutes max.
  • Easy to carry.


  • Reading through the ingredient label at the back side of tube indicates that it is not completely paraben free.

Verdict for VLCC De-Pigmentation Night Cream & VLCC De-pigmentation Face Mask:

3.5/5 ★★★☪

As I mentioned, I have used the cream for fifteen days flat and the mask thrice a week on few pimple marks. Definitely, the pimple marks got lighter. I guess, if I had used VLCC’s entire de-pigmentation regime that also includes a day cream and a serum then the results would have been still better. I suggest not to expect it to be a miraculous beauty potion but a simple and effective beauty regime with regular use.


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