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‘Barcelos’ H.K.V, New Delhi – Restaurant Review

I was recently invited to Barcelos restaurant in Hauz Khas Village branch for the launch of their month long running ‘Sizzler festival’. However, please note that this restaurant review is 100% genuine and aims at being completely honest to my precious readers!
foto6Well, I feel it is the best time to host a sizzler festival since it i raining time & again so the guests are bound to enjoy the fiery and sizzling dishes that come in piping hot and with a ssssss..sss sound, ‘Sizzlers’.


Barcelos’s Hauz Khas Village branch is situated right at the starting towards the right-hand side on the first floor near Naivedyam. So it is quite easy to locate. Most people visiting and working there can guide you easily in case of any confusion.
I will give its location a 4/5 rating.


I have visited many restaurants and lounges but this was a pure delight in terms of how its interiors have been done. The ambiance has a very good balance of aesthetics yet functional. Like on a busy day when the restaurant is packed having a separate place for the bar is an excellent idea. The washrooms too are designed in such a way to minimally affect the harmony and vibe of the place. Plus the washrooms are well maintained. In terms of seating there are couches as well as high chairs for one to relax.
I will give its ambiance a 4.5/5 rating.


The staff is courteous and well trained! They know the ingredients of a particular food or drink that they are serving. They will also suggest you the best sellers on request. The order taking process and delivery time is good.
I will give its service a 3.5/5 rating.



Coming to food, we were a group of three girls so tried three different types of sizzlers namely Mutton Kebab Sizzler, Chicken Trinchado & last that we ordered had Paneer as the core ingredient.

The best was Mutton Kebab Sizzler. It had juicy kebabs.


Peri-Peri Paneer Sizzler

Paneer sizzler can be worked upon to make it better. Since Paneer Tikka, was presented pinned in a toothpick which though was making it look beautiful. But really didn’t go that well with its sizzler accompaniments like rice etc also possible because it was little on the drier side.

Chicken Trichado Sizzler

Chicken Sizzler  was really yummy, however, I felt that either the pieces should have been of bite size or appropriate cutlery should have been given along with it.

Few cocktails that we tried..


Chocolaty Doce..


Strawberry – Basil Bajitos

Along with Sizzlers, we tried few cocktails (which were served sans alcohol on our request) namely Strawberry Basil Bajitos, Doce, & Ola. All tasted well especially Strawberry Basil Bajitos which was quite refreshing.
I will give its food a 4/5 rating.


Based on the average of all the ratings given above, the overall experiential quotient of this restaurant comes to be 4/5.
A big thumbs up to this place from my end!! It is a must visit if you are near Hauz Khas Village and have never tried this one. I would recommend trying meat kebab sizzler!

P.S. All pictures have been take by me and are copyright protected.

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