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Laughingly Yours by Vinita Govind

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You know why I love reading is because each book, good or bad,  tend to leave a mark on your life. Though most books that I read are of ‘Fiction’ genre still I feel somehow the incidences and the plot of stories are not complete fiction. Perhaps they are inspired by real-life incidents that are continuously happening around us. However, it is only the keen observation power of few  people whom we call as authors in the book world that these excerpts from the real life are brought to our notice in the form of imaginary characters, imaginary time & place.
This book, ‘Laughingly Yours’ by Vinita Govind is one such book that is a collection of ten fictional stories that are inspired from daily life incidences and put up for our reading but in a humorous way.
Book Title – Laughingly Yours
Authors – Vinita Govind
Genre – Fiction/Humor
Publisher – Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd 
Published in – June 2016
Pages – 121
Available Formats – Paperback & Kindle Edition
Price – Rs. 275 for Paperback Edition & Rs. 192 for Kindle Edition
Available Online at – 
As I was traveling in the hills of North India {a travelogue of it soon}, so this book took five ‘between-the-travel’ reading time for it to finish.

What Didn’t Work for Me:

  • One of the stories has a close resemblance to the recent Bollywood blockbuster ‘Piku’. I am not sure between the particular story & the film about who inspired whom. {I am not judging, just an honest opinion}
  • Since there are ten different stories, so one doesn’t feel the urge to read and complete the book in one go. {Maybe it is an unavoidable evil of this format books.}
  • The language (especially choice of words) in which the author has written few stories is such that it compromises the humor quotient of the story.

What Worked for Me:

  • Conversations are the key areas of this book which keep a reader engaged.
  • Small-small incidences that often happen in our day-to-day life are penned in a hilarious way. Kudos to the author for her power of imagination and her skill in writing humor stories.
  • The stories are short, font and font size good.
  • The Blouse story & Knife Et al. stories were the most hilarious for me.

About the Author:

Vinita resides in New Delhi with her family and is a learning design professional. She also works as a  freelance correspondent and has been published in reputed international newsletters of the UK.
This is her début novel.


My rating for this book would be 3.5/5.
This book is a good light-hearted read and if you want to read something light possibly to refresh your mind or uplift your mood or jut like that then this book is a great pick from the latest books section in the market.

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