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Madaari Movie (2016) – a Viewer’s Review

30-x-40-face-mergedWhen one sees the career graph of Irrfan Khan, it is nothing less than an extraordinary success journey;  a commoner with average looks who has joined the league of ace actors and carved a niche in both Bollywood & Hollywood.
Madaari movie released this week on 22nd July 2016 has Irrfan Khan playing the role of a Madaari metaphorically, the one who is out to seek a revenge from the corrupt government officials. The trailer of this movie seemed promising to be ‘different’ from the popular cinema. Further, the hype created by Irrfan Khan and Jimmy Shergil during the promotion of movie by carrying the ‘damru’ which is  a symbolic instrument of Madaari made me watch this movie this weekend.

What Worked for Me:

  • Irrfan Khan: ‘Clean Sweep’ it is! Irrfan excels in the vivid shades of Nirmal Kumar who is a grieving father at one point, then a kidnapper & lastly an aam aadmi (common man) who wants to bring a change in the society.
  • The Backdrop of the movie: The basic backdrop of this movie is quite relevant in the present times when India is witnessing so many instances of ‘intolerance’ that are usually aimed at politicians, government policies, mishaps happening due to corruption and more. The subject of the movie is revolutionary in its feel.
  • Characterization & Direction: As a viewer, I feel the characters have been written very well so that one can simply relate to them. Especially characters of Irrfan & the child who is kidnapped. Here director, Nishikant Kamath, has also done a great job to make the movie realistic.
  • Song: The two songs in the film Dama dam dam and Massom sa are heart touching.

What Didn’t Work for Me:

  • Seriously, I didn’t find anything that was too annoying in this movie. Just a little small spoiler that I can pinpoint is the Irrfan Khan’s wife part. Maybe the writer felt it was needed for better characterization of the lead roles but I felt that it could have been avoided.


Home Minister’s son is kidnapped from his school. Turns out that Irrfan Khan is behind the kidnapping. He reaches out to the minister and his team including top-cop (Jimmy Shergil) to find his lost child in return of Home Minister’s son. Do Jimmy Shergil and his team able to find the boy? Does Irrfan Khan succeeds in taking his revenge or loose before the powerful men is a thing to watch out for?


Two days before I had reviewed Star Trek Beyond (read the review here) and gave it 4/5 rating. With no intentions of comparing both movies, I would say that even Bollywood has filmmakers who can give Hollywood films a good fight. ‘Madaari’ is an apt example of it.
So I would like to give ‘Madaari’ a 4/5 rating from a viewer’s viewpoint.
The film makes you realize the impact on a common man’s life after a family member is suddenly lost due to the negligence of government authorities and money-mouth politicians & corrupt system. This film also makes one realize the power of a common man and the change a single person can bring in the society. The film is such that it can be watched with family and all members would love it. I would recommend this powerful socio-political drama film, ‘Madaari’ a must see for everyone!
Leaving you with the trailer of the movie!

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