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What A Comic Show, S.D.A., Delhi – Restaurant Review

‘Momo’ is fast becoming a local street food in India and why not it has a tangy-spicy taste and a hassle free style of eating. So on being invited to attend an authentic ‘Dumpling Festival’ at What A Comic Show restaurant in Delhi gave me a reason to visit this restaurant.


Location of the restaurant is very easy to find since it is on the main road. It is very easily accessible from all parts of South Delhi.
I will give its site a 4/5 rating.


It is a dream place for Comic lovers. Super Man. Marvel, Charlie Chaplin, Garfield you will find them all here.
pixl16They comic characters are everywhere; on the table top, on walls, on wall shelves, on light lamps and more. The restaurant is small though so seems full with few people only. There is a small balcony for the open air lovers and yes smokers too!
I will give its ambiance 3.5/5 rating.


Service is one aspect that can be improved upon by management. There are primarily 2-3 waiters but they have a laid back attitude and the customers either have to wait long before the order is taken or grab the waiter yourself to place the order. The food takes a little while to come on to the table. Sometimes the owners have to personally get engage in taking order and serving. The owners are fabulous people and try to speed up order delivery as fast as they can.
I will give its Service 3/5 rating.


collageNow this place is famous for its oriental & Chinese dishes. I along with my friends tried a variety of dumplings namely Chicken Steamed, Chicken Fried, & more. We also tried Veg Shabalay which was good. Chicken Fried, Chicken Schezwan, & Jumbo Dumplings were a big hit! The filling size was apt and fresh. However, I would like to give a pass to Har Gao dumplings as they were runny when broken from inside. The accompanying sauce was not that spicy.

Oreo shake was just okay nothing fancy about it.


Maleficent Margherita was very good!

Presentation of food was good.
I will give its food a 3.5/5 rating.


Based on the average of all the ratings given above, the overall experiential quotient of this restaurant comes to be 3.5/5.
pixl15It is one of those places you can chill with your friends and laze around. Do not expect a fine dining experience and you will be happy. If you have a soft corner for dumplings or oriental cuisine then you will love this restaurant! Jumbo Chicken Dumplings are highly recommended.
pixl20P.S. All pictures have been taken by me and are copyright protected.

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