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Mi Air Purifier 2 Review – Let’s talk about making Air ‘healthy’!

Early in 2016 saw Delhi Government implementing the trial of ‘Odd-Even’ format to curb traffic in Delhi so as to bring down the pollution level of the city.
Well, even the government has woken up from their slumber and have started to take measures for having cleaner purer air! Why not we?
As a matter of fact, a few days from now the auspicious and widely celebrated festival of Deepawali will come and each cracker being lit during this five-day festival will further contribute to increasing air pollution.
Truly for people who cannot stand smoke, have suffocation & breathing problems, an air purifier at home is a savior! Apart from this, there are several fatal diseases that breathing polluted air can lead to like Heart diseases, Asthma, lung cancer, an increased risk of Stroke and more.
According to WHO’s latest report, 1 in 10 people die due to air pollution, isn’t this alarming! Further, 22 of the world’s 50 most polluted cities are in India. Particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) — air pollutants with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less — are small enough to enter even the smallest airways and could result in respiratory and cardiovascular illness. Talking about myself, though I have no breathing problem whatsoever but at the time of Deepwali or any marriage function nearby where fire-crackers are used in abundance, I face breathlessness.
But breathing polluted air day in and day out hadn’t really bothered me before. Until, I was recently invited for Mi Air Purifier 2 launch event. A day prior to the event, I was surfing the internet to know more about Air Purifiers in India and whether their presence in India is actually relevant or not? Going through two articles about air pollution levels in India especially in Delhi NCR and then the price of already available air purifiers in the market literally zapped me.
All other purifiers except Mi air purifier are quite overly priced mostly <INR. 25000 {God knows why!}. But then maybe because of this very reason they couldn’t establish in the Indian market and the sale of air purifiers was almost negligent till a while back.

Coming to Mi Air Purifier 2

 {Which I have been using for a few days now..}


Some Quick Facts about Mi Air Purifier 2

· Real-time AQI monitoring, Wi-Fi connectivity
· Mi Home app smart controls (Android and iOS)
·Aerodynamic air vortex, up to 37m2 (400 sq. ft.) coverage
· 310m3/h Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
· 360° triple-layer filter, removes harmful PM2.5 articles
· 4.8W energy saving, ultra-quiet 30dB noise level
In the beginning, I was unsure about having polluted air inside home cause like any other homemaker, I love to keep my home spic and span. But then I realized that there is a lot of dust in Gurgaon plus I have a carpet that sheds fiber threads almost every moment. These threads mix in the air and add to air pollution at my place. But the mother of all the air pollutants is the smoke that occurs while cooking.
So I have put the Mi Air Purifier inside my kitchen and use it before, during & after cooking food. Trust me I can actually feel the difference in the quality of air.


Pros of Mi Air Purifier 2:

  • Smart Home Device: There is just one switch on the device itself. Rest everything can be managed right at the tips of your fingers. All you need to do is download the Mi Home app which is compatible for both iOS and Android smartphones. Add the new device in the app and you are ready to control Air Purifier for providing cleaner air for your home. This feature is not available in few other air purifier brands already in the market.
  • Sleek & Compact Design: The Mi Air Purifier 2 comes in a single pure white colour to fit well in most homes aesthetically. Plus it is very compact, the base of it is less than the size of an A4 paper.
  • Noise Level: As I had mentioned earlier that my Mi Air Purifier device is placed in the kitchen so before and after cooking I prefer to keep it on auto mode and as the air is less polluted then the purifier usually operates on the first or second level where its noise level is very minimum. But as I start cooking especially at the time of deep-frying and saute, the purifier switches between second and third level. The noise level at the third level is more as compared to first and second levels but lesser than the noise made by my kitchen’s chimney!
  • Price: The second USP of this product is its pricing. Mi Air Purifier 2 is priced at just Rs. 9999. This is drastically lower than the cost of other air purifiers.
  • Time for noticeable cleaner air: It takes 15-20 minutes for noticeable clear air for more polluted air areas while 10 minutes or so for cleaning the lesser polluted air. However, the results may vary depending on room area and other factors.
  • Replacement Filter: It is available online at just INR. 2,499. This is auto-sensed by purifier and notified on app. I like smart gadgets, makes life so easy for homemakers!’
  • It’s design is carefully planned keeping in mind small children and pets.



  • Depending on home size one may need at least two machines for keeping entire home’s air purified. If not one may choose to keep in key polluted areas of the home like I have kept in  the kitchen.
    I would highly recommend Mi Air Purifier 2 to people who have family members prone to dust allergies, or other breathing problems. Also recommended for people having rugs that shed fibers or have pets that shed hairs. A good gifting option to give or even bring home this Deepawali 2016.

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