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6 Dialogues From ‘Dangal’ That Prove To Be Great Lessons For Life!

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Aamir Khan starer, ‘Dangal’ released in theaters this week. After the mega success of Sultan which was technically the first film based on ‘Wrestling’ in Bollywood, Dangal too had gathered immense curiosity. Also because it is a biopic made on the real life story of Commonwealth Games Gold Winning Sisters Geeta & Babita Phogat. The Phogat sisters trained by their father Mahavir Singh Phogat have set a precedent for Indian girls inspiring them to realize their dreams by sheer grit and determination.

In a special screening hosted by Grand Cinemas Gurgaon, I saw ‘Dangal’, the much talked about movie of the year 2016.

Apart from the brilliant story & flawless direction, an important aspect of the movie ‘Dangal’ was its dialogues. At some places, dialogues created great laughable moments while in some other scenes dialogues are very powerful.

Here are 6 powerful dialogues from ‘Dangal’ movie that prove to be great lessons for Life:

#1. “Medalists aren’t born they have to be created with love, hard work & sincere efforts!”

#2. “He called me Bi*** & abused Babita also, then we beat them.”

#3. “I was always sad that if I had a son then he would win a Gold for the country.  But the thing I didn’t understand is that a Gold is Gold whether it is brought by a Girl or  a Boy.”

#4. “If you bring Silver people will forget you one day or another but if you win Gold then you will set a precedent which will be told again and again & not forget.”

#5. “My daughters are not any less than any boy.”

#6. “As a father, I will not be there always to protect you; I can only teach you to fight but it is only you who has to fight your own battle.”

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  1. Going to watch this today 🙂

    1. It’s a good watch!

  2. Riyaz says:

    Mari Chhoriyan Chhoron se kam hai kya?

    Best Dialogue.

  3. That haryanvi essence and feel by all actors is just classy in this movie.

  4. salman says:

    Very helpful blog! Thank you so much.

  5. Nice Article. And this movie is awesome.

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